Raspberry Pi what version of Raspbian are you using

It would be a great help to find out from Raspberry Pi users what version of Raspbian they are using. I joined the project at Raspbian Wheezy and I’m currently running Raspbian Stretch. It would help to know this as items like email notifications no longer run on Wheezy and I think others are having problems with it on Jessie. I can confirm that it is working perfectly in Stretch.

  • Wheezy
  • Jessie
  • Stretch

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jessie and stretch here.

David_Wallis are you using the Raspberry Pi Camera module. I’ve created a self contained boxed version of the Raspberry Pi which has only an x10 controller attached. Basically it is a self contained HA controller with its own on board camera and I really don’t want to add a USB camera or rely on separate ip cameras.

I really do not know why the Raspberry Pi camera module stopped working between releases of Wheezy and Jessie. I got no answer to this from the Gene Genie (lol) on the previous forum and am really curious what needs to be done to get it back working again.