Qubino not working as expected

Understanding now more how the Setup can get/set individual values of my Qubino Dimmer. I managed to

  • Set a minimum Dim Level

  • Control the speed with which the dimming take place when pressing the Lights Push button(switch)

But something is not right. The dimming using the switch indeed is now slow because of the value I set in parameter 66. But it now it uses the same speed when switching the Light On/Off from the widget. It goes very slow as well, it basically uses the value from parameter 66. Which it should not, the speed for On/Off should be controlled by parameter 65 and that one is set to immediately (1). Now this was working correctly in OpenHab so I can only conclude that somehow HG uses the wrong code to switch the light on/off. Or could there be another reason?

Nobody? I think the problem is probably that HG sets the Level . And setting the Level is like dimming and thus it will take the set ‘speed’ with variable 66. My guess is that the Qubino has also a way of actually being set On/Off not via the level. Like if you make a single press on the light switch.

The more I look into it, the less I understand. The Qubino internally stores its last “On Level” Apparently to set ON to the last level you need to send a 0xFF, that will restore the old level. But looking at the code I have a feeling that that is not the way the old value is restored, it looks like Qubino keeps track of a LastValue and sets it to that value instead. Is this because the MultiLevelSwitch is to accomodate all kind of different switches (Fibaro, Qubino etc)?

Do a bit of searching in the old forum. Here’s something to get you started http://old.homegenie.club:8080/www.homegenie.it/forum/index972f.html?topic=962.0

I will do that.I just saw that the ON does actually send the 0xFF.

It may actually be a firmware problem of the Qubino. Anyway I tried search in the old forum, but searching does not work there. I now understand the Basic.Set() command, to set the 0xFF values for example. But Qubino also talks about sending a ‘switch binary ON’, is there something in the code that does that kind of sending? Is that the same as SwitchBinary.Set(node, 0xFF)?

Do the search in Google using old HomeGenie forum plus the keyword you want to search for as your search criteria.

Yep, should have thought about that. Ok, as far as I can tell HG does set the levels correctly on a On/Off. The problem appears to be with the Qubino. Possibly a firmware problem.

According to the Manual parameter 66 should have no influence on a BasicSet, parameter 65 should. Unfortunately that seems to be not the case. Doing a BasicSet on/off , the dimming speed is influenced by parameter 66, not 65.

Yes it’s always easy when you know where to look. Most of the hard work was done in the old forum so its a great source of reference. Good to see you are making progress and maybe others using similar technologies here will help too.

I asked Qubino and here is the answer:

If I understand it correctly you can send not just the code but a second parameter as well. Dont think HG has this concept anywhere, does it?

I responded to Qubino support and asked more information. Is there anyone in the developers group (is there still active an development base?) that would like to contact Qubino about their question for collaboration?

I’m assuming you are trying to switch on your device and set a level. All the commands for doing this can be gotten here from the web api zwave section. Have you looked at this yet. It should be easy enough for you to integrate this into a C# script https://genielabs.github.io/HomeGenie/api/mig/mig_api_zwave.html

ZWaveLib doesn’t support SWITCH_BINARY command class v2, so it’s not possible to use it.

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