Qubino Flush Dimmer features missing

I have just included a qubino flush dimmer in my configuration. Dimming /on / off wattage monitor, all seems to work. However I am wondering about some features that I dont see. I was using OpenHab. The reason I want to move to HomeGenie is that I want to have my heating system included in the system. The heating system “Alpha Mohlenhoff 2” has an extensive api to control every room temp and the complete system like boiler, pump etc etc. But there is no module for it in OpenHab (and not in HomeGenie) so I may want to create that module. But in OpenHab it must be in java…and that is not my piece of cake, I am fluent in C# hence the step towards HomeGenie. But as I said I have about 12 qubino dimmers in my house. And the problem with these is that you can dim the light with the actual light switch, but that goes incredibly fast by default, making it extremely difficult to stop at a light level you want. Now in OpenHab you can control the speed of this like from 0 to 100% in 3 seconds or in 10 seconds or in… I don’t see anything like that in HomeGenie, is that correct? Another feature I like in OpenHab is that you can set a minimum dim level. I can see a max (the energy saving) but there is no minimum, is there? If these features are not available in HomeGenie how difficult is it to add them?

All module programs and widgets in HG can be edited and customized to your liking. Since you fluent with c# the task should be simple for you.
The widget use html and java script so creating one may be a bit more of a task fo you. Luckily you can copy an existing one and start modifing it to suit your needs

html and javascript is no problem either. What I think is more of a challenge is ‘how’ does that dim speed work, is it something you tell the dimmer, or is homegenie actually controlling it? I should probably move this topic for the rest to the Developers forum.

You should be able to control the speed in the code a couple of ways using a sleep between steps would be my choice as you could make it a variable that could be different for each module.

According to documentation of your dimmer https://qubino.com/products/flush-dimmer/flush-dimmer-tech/ you can use Parameter no. 66 –Dimming time when key pressed to control the time during which the Dimmer will move between the min. and max. dimming values during a continuous press of the push-button.
See this answer for more details: What do I need to develop