Program move

Is there a way to change the number of a program.
Aspehily a pre installed one?

Try exporting it, delete it and import the file you just exported.

Thanks will do.

That worked.

You cannot select a number. If you export all of your needed programs, delete all user programs that you have created, and then import, all of the programs will start at 1000.

That said, the number means nothing particularly, so it seems like a lot of work for no real benefit. The numbering of built-in programs is in the 1-499 range. Ones that were submitted to the HG repository will be added in the 500 range. Ones you create/import will be in the 1000 range.

These numbers are basically arbitrary and other than referencing them from other programs are never used. I have never needed to reference another app by number but it could be done. I would recommend against it though as they are arbitrary and this approach WILL lead to issues at some point!