Problems with restoring settings from the backup

Please, feel free to report what problems you experienced while restoring configuration settings from the backup made with HG r526.

Right now I found an issue that after restoring the settings my scheduled events are not being fired (I see them in Scheduler with assigned modules but the actions are never being executed). Bug on the GitHub:

Also, there is an issue HG doesn’t backup/restore interfaces installed from zip:

Might also be an idea when reporting issues to identify what environment users are running HG in and what hardware they are using for obvious reasons.

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As I promised in V1.1.15 topic, here is the version with extended logging of restoring process:
Also this will bring new LiteDB storage for settings, and right now I recommend not to use it in production environment, only use it to test settings restore and collect the logs.

I managed to restore my v525 settings backup to v1.1.15 successfully.

Running Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch Lite using Mono 5.4

Any messages in Error.log?

Nothing that I noticed. Your v1.1.16 only popped up after I installed v1.1.15.

I haven’t fully tested v1.1.15 yet but everything appears to be working as it should

Again it’s vital that testers include their hardware and software configuration when reporting their results so we can establish what environment errors, if and when they occur, are appearing in.

My backup stopped after the modules but before completing the apps. The debug display showed several lines regarding lirc. I cleaned the restore to remove code I don’t use and it worked.

Let me know what I can provide.

@bkenobi Please, attach log files from the log directory. I’ll look through them…

Ok, I’ll see what was created.

EDIT: For some reason the restore worked this time. I can try again to see if it will fail for different log files. There were lots of errors this time, just nothing that crashed it. Let me know if this is sufficient or if you’d like to see it crashed too. (85.0 KB)

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I tried a couple more configurations with a backup restoration and they all seemed to work so far. It appears that the restore may have failed due to the version of mono (my best guess). I had issues restoring with 4.6.2 and HG would not run under 5.10 but with 5.4 I am currently having a lot better success.