Pr #317

Bounz, if you are able to add the files in that request, can you tell me which version of Visual Studio you use? Just adding one file made a lot if changes in the Common.csproj file, not just adding the file.

But if I want to make other changes I must be able to add files without problems.


Right now I’ve used JetBrains Rider as at home I usually work on Mac Book, but in general, I use VS 2017.
Also when you commit your changes you can choose what to commit with line granularity. So in your case, you would be able to commit only those changes you were interested in and ignore other changes to .csproj file.

What do you use to work with git?

I use TortoiseGit as it is integrated with the Explorer, and I’m not that good with a lot of command line things. I also use VS2017.

But I don’t understand why VS2017 made all those extra changes to the csproj file? But will find out if it is possible to commit things like you explain, with TortoiseGit.

I would recommend you to try Git Extensions (it also integrates with Explorer) and GitKraken as GUI tools for git. And of course, there is the SourceTree from Atlassian.