People and Locations

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think I need to extend the functionality to provide additional information… as per above.

I’m thinking that locations should be hierarchical IE Upstairs Contains Bedroom, Home Contains Upstairs etc… you can then query to see if the object or descendants are ‘occupied’

I also want to understand the concept of occupied by Unknown and named people… so I can set temperatures etc based on preferences… and also discover mac addresses and then assign them to people once they are known :slight_smile:

Thoughts / Suggestions?

I am also currently playing with a state machine as I think this is lacking from HG…

think state machines and transaction handling would help to work with battery driven modules and longer sleeping periods of those IoT devices.
br. Christian

made some progress with this recently, and have something crudely working, going to use rx to link parent to child notifications up next.

im not sure how you envision a state machine helping battery powered devices?