Password problem

When a put in a password I can no longer access the web interface. Yes I did turn off the popup blocker. I then edited systemconfig.xml using nano on my rpi and set the password to “” after which the web interface came up again. Also after a restart all sorts of data was changed to stuff like this “8gMdRAbrjZwkS1y8GalwAw==” gumbles of letters and numbers always followed by the double equal signs. This has happened before a couple other times when i tried to get the password working. Fortunately I backed up before this last attempt! The restore set things right. I’m using v1.1-beta.526.bounz homegenie.

Anybody have this happen to them? Ideas what’s happening here?

HG works very bad with password authentication so I don’t recommend to use it :confused:

This is something that needs a priority fix. I had someone find my homegenie web page from the outside even though it’s on an odd port and issued a command in the middle of the night. The log showed the ip it came from and it is allocated to Amazon. Probably spoofed. I seem to remember the password working in earlier versions.

How do we get a fix for this?