Parsing json with current HG (example request)

I have my old MQTT code that used to work great. It was based on what Gene provided as an example sometime before 1.1.500. Around 1.1.516 he changed the MQTT library and it appears at that point the code changed. Prior to the update the payload was handled as a string so I used “split” to parse things. It’s now type byte[] so I need to rewrite. I’m just wondering if anyone has an example of parsing json that they could share. Since it’s a standard format for MQTT it seems like this should be easy but I haven’t found anything to look at so far.

Although this would be a good thing to know, I think I found an alternative approach. I’m using rtl_433 to collect RF data and bridge it to MQTT. That project has recently added an MQTT format that basically sends the output as a series of messages for each chunk of data. As a result, I just need to parse each message instead of parsing one giant json string.

If anyone has a way to parse json, please let me know but for now I’m proceeding with this approach.