OpenWeatherMap to include today's High Temp Forecast and Feels Like Temperature

I happened to noticed that the OpenWeatherMap widget was cutting off the sunset time when your preferences were to display the time in AM / PM as opposed to 24 hour.

While trying to fix that, I found that there is an OpenWeatehrMap value for Feels Like temp so I updated the program and widget to display those under the large temp display (current temp).

Looks like attached image - could use some help with the HTML formatting (was also thinking of displaying humidity with that). Also would like to round the current temp so 33 would appear in place of 33.5.

I attached the updated program and widget (as txt files, will need to rename to Import) I have been working on too. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I also posted this over on the X10 Community forums and it it was suggested to post here for feedback / assistance:

I was trying to upload the OpenWeatherProgram and Widget but getting an error that new users cannot upload attachments.

@autobob posted a screen shot of his OpenWeatherMap widget which he added the humidity value and different icons in this thread:
Alternate option to 3 day hi/low Weather display perhaps they can share that info with you.

I made some additional tweaks and since I cannot yet upload files her I wanted to share a link to the X10 Forum post for now which does have the details and includes the program and widget changes.


@Bounz is it possible to bump @soxfan1966 so he can post his OpenWeather contribution here.

Hi @soxfan1966!
Now you should be able to upload your files!

Here is version 2.0 I came up with today - the snow and rain displays are conditional and the formatting of the data is a little better with my original changes


Here are the files:

1030-OpenWeatherMap ver 2.txt (10.0 KB)

homegenie_generic_weather ver 2.txt (3.5 KB)

You should be able to upload .zip and .hgx extensions without problems.

As @Bounz mentioned upload those files exactly as you exported them. No need to mess around with file extension names here.

OK, I will fix on my prior post. Thanks

Here is an updated version with a slight fix for the rain info - in the original one, the icon was still displaying even when the value was not. This fixes that

homegenie_generic_weather ver (3.6 KB)