Old forum snapshot

Hi, folks.
At the beginning of June, I made a snapshot of the old forum.
Now I was able to host it, so you can browse it at http://old.homegenie.club:8080/www.homegenie.it/forum/index.html.

Don’t forget that this is just static pages, so there is no search and no interactivity on that snapshot.

If you need to perform a search over this snapshot - use Google: just add site:http://old.homegenie.club to your search query!

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You are the best Bounz!!!

So much knowledge that I thought was lost. This is a goldmine for HG users.

Now that does make sense. So many users of the old forum have just disappeared as a result of that old forum disappearing. Contrary to what Gene stated Homegenie is far from a finished product. Maybe a fork of the project by someone like yourself could ressurect it. He failed to see the winner was the server project and not an app that connected to it. Hopefully a few interested users may be able to get things going again

I agree. But I also understand that Gene could make some money from the app. And that is probably why.

But HG is not finished even if it is very good. But software never gets finished. If it is finished it doesn’t take long before it is replaced by a better product.

But we are very lucky that Bounz have made this new forum, made a copy of the old, and also understands a lot about the code and can make changes and pull requests.

But we still depend on Gene to apply them and make a new version every time. But it seems that he atleast apply them when there is a pull request available. Problem is that it could take a while. And if you have a problem that Bounz maybe have solved you would like that fix to reach the users a little faster.

Hi, I just found this forum after being away for a bit. I was fairly active in the old forum and when it sort of went weird I stopped messing with HG too much… so I am glad to find this new place. I remember petediscrete and I hope bkenobi is here… he helped me a lot too!

I think this thread is pretty important but had a little bit of problems of findng it.

Maybe it is possible to make it sticky or somerhing so it is more visible? I think that old users coming here for the first time would appreciate to see a copy of the old forum.

It is a little special that the old forum got deleted even though Gene said it would be saved.

So we should show that there still is a lot of old knowledge left, and we are trying our best to gather new.

Hi, @raptorjr.

Pinned this topic as a banner so everybody will see it at the top of the site.
It’s also possible to dismiss it personally by clicking on the cross at the top right corner of the banner.

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any chance you could host it under a subdomain or something, I can only access port 80 and 443 from work :slight_smile:

Hi, @David_Wallis.
Sadly no, it’s inconvenient to host it under another subdomain with 80 port in my webserver’s setup (at least now).
But I can offer you to download old forum’s archive from Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lGZWStv-ezZaQ6GuQiuHCLqr3dcaqVwl.

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Use the request header to determine which site to load. That’s how I host multiple sites then you can add one as a subdomain or a completely different domain. Granted you host via server app like IIS or Apache.

Is the old forum still available? I get error 502 when trying to access it.

Hi @michel.
Thank you for pointing out to the problem with the old forum.
Looks like the container which hosts it was stopped during upgrading this forum.
Now I fixed the issue and you can browse the old HomeGenie forum snapshot.

Old forum link down again

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Fixed, thanks for notifying.