New name for the project

Hi everybody!

We talked about changing the name of the project a couple of times in other threads, but now I think we can start generating ideas for it.
So I ask you to suggest new brand names for this new fork of HomeGenie.

My suggestion is HomeAtics

Larson (Home Automation) a mash up of languages.
Lar = home/ hearth
S - Systema
O - Optimization
N - (and) Numeration

Larson is good, but almost all domain names are occupied (
HomeAtics ( is interesting, but looks very similar to Domoticz…

I also thought about Jeeves (like Jeeves and Wooster)( or Jarvis (like AI from Iron Man)(
Also thought about Thing (like in Addams Family), but it’s also occupied.

We need more crazy ideas, a friend of mine suggested hobgoblin, brownie, eudemon =)

A single word like Lyft, Alexa, … would be good
Home, Control, and Domotics have been well mangled.

First tier domain names are limited or expensive. is available

Another is jynnee,com from jinnee as in genie is available

jarvis is an AI tool for the pi… so might be also worth considering availability of names on github if you want a dedicated repo :slight_smile:

If you like butlers names try looking at:

But we are late to that party as many are already software names. :frowning_face:
But what about -“The automation Butler” or something like that.

Is it necessary to change name? I could understand it if Gene was still active and maintaining HomeGenie, and the fork was because it didn’t like the way the original was evolving.

But since Gene doesn’t answer any emails, deleted the forum, and haven’t merged a pull request in over 6 months I would consider it pretty abandoned.

I agree - focus on the software rather than the irrelevant bit :slight_smile:

I tend to agree. A bit of work to get HG back in shape yet. A few more practical programs to be written too.

With that thought in mind o thought of the following

Home Automation and Lighting Technology (HALT for short)

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It’s only thoughts about the future, I’m not going to change the name today or tomorrow.

But it seems to me that at some point this fork may go so far from the original project that it will need its own name and place. But Gene owns the domain and also makes HomeGenie Pro app for Android and it will be not polite to him to still use the old name (because this will confuse users of his projects). So I think someday it won’t be possible to evolve the project further with the old name.

Anyway, I’m still interested in your ideas, because it’s too complicated to make up or choose a new brand name for a project.

No matter the name I believe it should start with the letter “A” bringing it to the top of a search engines finds, something like
ASHES - Automated Smart Home Efficient Software (from the ashes of HG)
AHAT= Assimilated Home Automation Technologies

I like Larson. If domain is already taken we could use as in “Larson the HomeGenie” or something like that.