Network 16 Relay Module

UPDATED CODE: 1030-Switches__NPIO_Relay_Board.hgx (9 KB)

Network Relay Driver

Releay Board - Must be 5vdc version

Just a tiny side project from my pool controller, a 16 relay controller over a wired network via Home Genie.

This will allow the control of 16 relays from RPi or PC

Tested with RPi-1B, RPi-3B, RPi-4, and Windows 11 laptop

Have fun

Another nice project :+1:

You have just helped me solve a problem I have had to be able to remotely switch antennas to my ham radio station.
Thank you.

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It’s always worth looking at these projects closely. So much of the code is reusable. It used to be like that in the old forum. These contributions are priceless. All the heavy lifting is already done for you.