Need help with Win 10 install

Installed v1.2-stable.26 on win10 pc. When launching HG the webpage begins to load but hangs and never completes. tried uninsatll and re-install but get same results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

from an instruction manual I once wrote:

HG runs inside a browser. All browser work; type in HG address in address line. There are 3 ways to get to HG screens: enter (your computer’s IP address – find it with command IPCONFIG)
MK-123H enter (your computer’s NAME – find it under system in control panel) enter (this runs the HG server)

A note is necessary on opening HG in a browser. This program has issues opening sometimes; it is a well known fact. Some say it is a windows problem, but regardless, sometimes it won’t open. So you must try a different browser. Or click refresh button sometimes gets her open. Or one of the other methods shown above. Eventually you should be able to get it to open.

THIS is the exact reason I gave up on HG on my windows 10 machines back in June. I went thru 4 other potential replacements beefore coming back to HG on the dark side: broke down and bought a $5 pi zero W. It too had same opening issues but has a solution: there is a file called hosts where the pi name can be added and that fixed the issue: perhaps it would fix windows issue also?


Thanks for the info! I will give these a try.

Looks very similar to this issue: Trouble running HG on Server 2016


Changing browser along with using PC IP address seems to be working!

For when it comes back (and it will from my experience), see if the experts here can show you how to add the hosts file - that has been 100% solution to it for me in raspberry pi world… (I found hosts in my windows 10 directory c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc directory)…

what I added to my host file on pi: localhost localhost.raspberrypi.lan

my pi’s network name is raspberrypi.lan