MUST have ARM/DISARM of X10 DS7000 from HG!

So I incorrectly thought I could let my cm15 & HG co-exist and make me happy: slowly move my Macros from cm15 to HG, and since I cannot yet get HG to ARM/DISARM my X10 security module, leave that function in the cm15. WRONG.

I forgot that any MACRO using security hardware “Must run from PC!” So for the last week as I have been very slowly learning and adding X10 modules to HG, I have not had my security alarm turned on at night!!

So it is absolutely IMPERATIVE I teach HG how to ARM/DISARM or I must delete it and go back to antique AHP!

I understand Tuicemen has figured out how to do this with added external hardware, but sheesh, HG can receive security codes and cm15 can transmit them, so as my modem, this combo SHOULD be able to transmit my ARM/DISARM!


The $40 Broadlink RM is well worth the out layit will learn may different Rf signals and send them,as well it learns and sends IR. Using it I can have HG act as a remote for any of my entertainment devices. As well ant device that has a Ir remote is now a smart device.

Thanks. I NEED HG to send ARM/DISARM to my DS7000 security console in order to switch from AHP to HG. Period.

I KNOW the cm15 sends ARM/DISARM rf sigs since I use that now. I am using the cm15 as interface to HG and world, so it knows how to do this.

But with no decent instructions for HG, i have not been able to make it so yet.

I have ZERO use for IR stuff so that is NO benefit to me. It will be installed in my office - offsite from the house, so IR crap is useless.

I will pay y $ 40 if that gets HG to send ARM/DISARM commands to DS7000.

Tuicemen, can you send me pictures of your HG modules showing how this is so?


The broadlink can be placed anywhere in your home as it is wi-fi.
However if you wish to use IR for anything it needs to be in line of sight for that device.
I have a window AC that has a IR remote. I can turn it on/off if it is in the same room.
I don’t have many RF devices other then X10 and will need something to handle the sends to the Broadlink. I use HA-Bridge and created a program to use in HG it is very similar to the Philips hue program.
As well you’ll need a program to learn the RF and or IR codes I used RM Bridge on my Android smart phone but there are a couple others available. I’ll post more in the HA-Bridge thread. but will post some pics here when I get back to the PC not sure how to do it from the Pi (still new to this).
The cool thing with the Broadlink is it will learn and send standard X10 so your Cm15 doesn’t need to be connected to any thing but an outlet.(if you wish to go that route)

I thought I read you could ellminate that ha-bridge thing; if I need yet another piece of hardware (ha bridge) I will give up on hg. thanks.

HA-Bridge is not hardware but software
you can eliminate the need for the HA-Bridge if your only using it for Alexa control.
HG has a similar program addon but it doesn’t have Broadlink support (yet)

This is my HA-Bridge module which tells the Broadlink to send the Security key fob code to Arm (on) or disarm (off)
Since HG sees the key fob signal the security widget also arms.
I’m using the old HG version 1.1 Beta r526

not sure the xten lib supports this… would probably need adding - but I dont have any hardware to test this… You may have to capture some information for someone to guess at what could be added… It should be able to recieve the events though looking at the code in here:


I don’t believe the x10 lib supports this either, security codes are far more vast then typical X10 code.
However since HG does see security codes there may be someone willing to play with ways to resend this.
The Broadlink RM makes this easy and it was by accident that I discovered it would capture and send X10 security codes.

AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT! Most ‘discoveries’ happen as results of accidents!