Moving camera to a preset macro?

I had thought this would be as simple as creating a link with the camera preset info (url address) and just triggering it on a door opening.
However I’m missing something.
I created a link and placed the camera preset url in it and the camera will turn to this preset. so I know the shortcut works.
I created a program triggered by a door sensor which turns on a light and that does work but if I add the link that part fails. what am I missing?
Has anyone configured a macro that will trigger a url (send a web request) successfully?

Im unsure how the macro works, but you could do it with c#…

to troubleshoot your macro version you would need to use wireshark / tcpdump to see what request if any is being made.

I know it can be done with C# I was just looking to do it simply using the wizard script.
It looks like the URL isn’t getting called so maybe you can’t call a quick link from a macro.
I figure I can use HA-Bridge to do this which will give the benefit of Alexa control so this will be my next route to try.

I managed to get this working using HA-Bridge to send the http call to the required cameras.
Not the cleanest route but this also allows me to turn cameras in HG providing different views on the same camera widget.
In HA-Bridge I created a device named " (location) Camera" in the On call I added the http call for the required preset. currently I’ve left the off call blank but may add the call to center latter.

This camera uses the codes for a Foscam Mjpeg camera even though it isn’t a Foscam.
Now to configure my X10 HD Airsight cameras.