Module won't save settings

Hello, I have various x10 modules, I recently added a new one, if I try to change any settings in the module, the changes are not saved (running on raspberry pi)

Feature options seems to default to “smart lights” and so keep turining the module off after a set number of seconds

how can I just remove the feature options in the module, currently i have to select out of 4 options

Thank you

Feature options shows all available for that module and are listed alphabetical it doesn’t mean that first listed feature is enabled.
What feature option are you trying to change?
If you select the feature option you set from the dropdown are your settings not there?

thanks I managed to get into configure > programs > lights and disable the “smart lights” there

now my feature options only show “automatic turn off” which if set to zero seems to mean no automatic off :slight_smile:

Disabling programs that you don’t use will improve HG performance especially running on a Pi.

When you add the new X10 module to your Groups what type of device are you defining it as, ie Switch,Dimmer,Sensor etc

Thanks, I’ve just removed all the unused programs, although perofrmance was already acceptable for me (I’m actually running pihole on the same Pi)

Hi, I select “switch”

but when the “automatic turnoff feature” is selected, and I set a value of 3600 seconds, it still switches off after few seconds :frowning:

PS Even disabling the “automatic off” module results in something switching off the X10 unit

Do you need the Smart Lights program.

Try installing Advanced Smart Lights, disable Smart Lights and associate that program with your x10 switch.