Macro help

I am hoping someone is willing to help me configure a couple of HG Macros. I presently use AHP and have these two macros in AHP.
1. between the hours of 11:05pm and 8:25am if motion sensor X10 B2 senses motion turn on Exterior Pole light X10 A4 for 5 min then turn off pole light.
2. between the hours of 8:30am and 10:pm if x10 B2 senses motion activate B1 chime

I have used the Hg scheduler virtually to turn on X10 A4 pole light from Jan1 thru Dec 31 between the hours of 8:35am and 11:pm for the purpose of having a 115v outlet active outside during these hours. The pole light is light sensored so it is actually not lit during daylight hours.
I have been playing with HG software for weeks now and can’t figure how to design these macros.
I have HG installed on My PC that has no other Home Automation software on it. I have not yet downloaded the RPi image I am just trying to figure out the HG software virtually before I put CM15a in use with HG and RPi

Set up a separate macro for each condition and keep them both running. Try keep things simple. You could easily code this whole scenario using one of the supported languages but I imagine you’re not at this stage yet.

I do suggest you attach your controller and do some real world testing.

Thank You so much for your reply. I am definitely not versed in
coding in any language so I am hoping to write a script correctly
so that HG understands what I’m trying to convey. It is taking me
so long to get to this point (weeks) that is the reason I don’t
want to discontinue AHP until I know what I am doing with HG. Are
you suggesting that the macro program code in Driveway Alert Macro
be broken up? My goal is to use the X10 B2 Driveway sensor in a
couple of different scenarios depending on the time of day. If I
can figure out how to do one of them then the others should be no
problem. The macro illustrated is intended to sound a chime X10 B1
Driveway Alert between hours of 8:30am and 10:30pm. The other
macro not yet written X10 B2 Driveway sensor would turn on
Exterior pole light X10 A4 for 5 minutes then reset between hours
of 10:45pm and 8am. Lastly I would use scheduler to turn on Ext
pole light X10 A4 at 8:15am and turn off 10:40pm. The pole light
is photo sensored so the light is not actually lit but I would
have access to 115v outlet on the pole during these hours. Any
guidance would be greatly appreciated. Edjal

Yes keep your macros as basic and simple as possible.

Write down your logic first and you will see clearer what you need to achieve. Keep your conditions to a minimum and remember one macro can fire another depending on a result.

Try looking at the code in the Advance Smart Lights Program. It covers everything that you have already outline and can be easily modified as has been done by others without C# coding experience.

In the advanced smart lights coding some of the writings are in
pink, others in green and blue. I’m assuming ea color has a
purpose, which color is for editing?

Are there any demos or videos available for modifying Advanced Smart Lights code.? With the lack of knowledge I don’t know how to approach it.Is it the Program code or the startup code or both codes that would be modified? Edjal

Have a good read through this forum. A lot of knowledge on HomeGenie built up here. A number of posts on X10 too.