Light turning on for no reason

I am currently running r526, but I’m sure this would be the same with the Bounze version. I see in the mobile app that right after my timer turns a specific light off in the morning HG is running a “X10.LevelFix” command which turns the light back on. I’m not sure why this command is firing but it’s on at least a couple modules. Also peculiar is that I had the power meter stuff disabled but this command is firing after a “virtualmeter.watts=0”. Any thoughts?

Searching the repo, it looks like its program 82, “Energy Saving Mode”

I don’t use that App, so not sure why it would be running. I’ll have to review my settings to see why it’s enabled (assuming that it’s the culprit).

I checked and I don’t have the energy saver App (I actually deleted all Apps I don’t use). I did notice that the HG Plus app on my phone has some features that aren’t in the server. Although I don’t run the phone app often, so I’m not sure how it would trigger anything.

you could try doing a backup and looking at the programs.xml file within there and see if anything else has that text in it?

You stated there are a few lights that do this.
Have you looked to see what is common with them.
if they are set as dimmers try changing that to non dimming and see if it still turns on after the off.