Just a bunch of code

I’m sharing this code as it is full of different coding examples for doing things with HomeGenie. There may be something in there which can help someone else finish their coding challenge or just give them an idea for their next project.

The pool controller module on its own will not do much as it is part of a much larger system of modules making up the swimming pool controller and requires several sensors to be attached to the RPi. I’m not even sure it will run without all the other modules.

1032-Pool_Controller.hgx (65.6 KB)

homegenie_generic_status.zip (2.0 KB)
My modification of the status widget.

Mod of MQTT app, added a status widget.
77-MQTT_Network.hgx (9.7 KB)
MQTT status widget

Added a baseline shift to the analog signal processing.
1037-MCP3008_-_Analog_Input_Modules.hgx (7.3 KB)

Virtual switches to use in self-developed apps or as macro triggers
1026-Switches__VPIO_Modules.hgx (2.4 KB)

That’s a good idea. I have a bunch of test code that I have laying around. It’s written long enough ago that it might not conform to current HG coding methods. It all compiles but some give warnings. I should post my test code somewhere for the same purpose.

Updated first post with more examples and mods.

Great to see a bit of enthusiasm and some contributions to the forum. It’s been a while. At least we know of three active users of HG :joy:

I hope there are more than the three of us.

I’ve played with some other systems but always revert back to HomeGenie because of the flexibility it provides for building your own stuff and the ability to link many RPIs into one HomeGenie network. It’s a shame that HomeGenie is not more popular. I guess these days, you need a simple system where everything works out of the box, plug and play, without many options to add/modify; because coding is now only for geeks, people are not interested in doing the extra work.

I’m thinking about adding Tuya Smart Life integration to HG, as this opens the door to thousands of smart devices. Not sure if I’m savvy enough to tackle this, but I will give it a go.

I took a few months off, so I have a little bit of time now to play with HomeGenie again, but not for long, as I will pretty much spend the last four months of the year cruising in Europe and the Caribbean.

I wouldn’t mind joining you on the cruise but I’ll have to settle for the lights coming on at the correct time every evening. Anchors away :joy: