jkUtils - Solar Altitude and earth tools

Is anybody using jkUtils - Solar Altitude or earth tools?

jkUtils - Solar Altitude - is responding with sun rise/set times, but not clear on how to use. Any help would be great.

earth tools web services appear to be down. Have sent webmaster an email to confirm status.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

have a look at @bkenobi version of smartlights here: https://github.com/bkenobi/HomeGenie_Apps/blob/master/Advanced_Smart_Lights.hgx

No response from the web master. Earth Tools must be down. Nor sure how much value there is in the package for HG.

Is earth tools in the current version of Homegenie - cant say if I have seen it… but if its not working and not being developed for then wants removing.

Thanks - ET is in r526. Looked at the log file and saw that HG was reaching out to get the data. Response was an error message. Compared the get to the API listed on the ET site. Did not see any difference. Noted that functions on the site are not operable. Still no response from webmaster. Nice looking widget that says “waiting for data”

I plan on going to the forked version of HG after Bounz releases …5