Is there any way to use DS10A

I have recently come into owning 3 DS10 A alarm sensors but I have no security console. Is there any way to use these units to trigger a lighting macro? I have had X10 units since the 80’s and really enjoy tinkering with them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

You might able to get a partial read on them. What X10 controller are you using.

I use several of these both at my city place and my off grid place. You need a cm19 or cm15 to see the x10 RF signal for HG.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I use HomeGenie on a HP desktop with Windows 10 Pro through CM11A and controlled mostly with the android app. I have various timers and motion sensors triggering micros in the Cm11a that i have setup by plugging the interface into an old laptop that rums Windows 7 and Active Home Pro.

What I would like to do is have the garage lights and house outdoor lights come on at night if the doors open. I have this kind of working now with a motion sensor, but if I can set this up with the DS10A sensor as trigger it may be more reliable. particularly in winter.

I do not have any type of security console but if that is what I need I will begin watching ebay for a cheap one.

Thank you for any direction you can give me.


Thanks again for the quick reply. I will check these out.


If you are just looking for a door/window sensor option, you might consider looking at the Wyze units. They are very small and purportedly have very good range. I havent yet verified that claim. They run on 900MHz so they should be better at penetrating walls than wifi. My HD is clearing out some kits right now that include 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, the hub, and a wyze v2 camera for $12USD. I’ve played a bit with the camera but not yet with the sensors.

Wow that’s probably cheaper than the batteries for the DS10a and certainly cheaper than sourcing an X10 security console which the OP probably wouldn’t use anyway. Nice find.

That is a good deal if one were in the US.
A x10 security console will not work for what the OP is looking to do as it only sends standard x10 signals when the consol is in an alarm state or when arming/ disarming.

These sensors are available for cheap on the Wyze web site too (~$6/ea). I don’t know how these compare to other options (Zigbee, 433MHz, etc). If it were me, I’d consider some kind of 433MHz option that rtl_433 could receive so you can use it for everything. I just mention the Wyze because they are a finished product that may be available for next to nothing in your local store.

Also worth noting is that I say this even though I have a box full of around a dozen DS10A that I’ve never used. I tried one once and found the range terrible so there they sit.