Interesting tidbit why I lost wifi to broadlink and Pi (HG)

Took we nearly a week to figure this one out… My HG stopped automating my stuff…

I could not connect to it, yet it showed up in IP scans. Thought I might have lost the SD card, lots of reboots, but just shy of making a new SD card from my backups, I loast my Broadlink too! Again, it showed in IP scan.

Then some of my wifi cameras began to intermittently go off line… WTF?

Turns our my router was limiting my total wifi connections! Research found many routers have a 16 max connection limit! Each time I checked, I was around 16-20 connections. I asked Asus if my fancy rt-68u had that limit: no but they wanted to investigate. After a few back and forths they determined my router cpu usage was very high and they said that is why it was limiting the connections! The devices got their IP from pre-assignment or DHCP but the router would not talk to them!

I had my router set to dual internet source still (I dropped DSL for $25/mo no cap no limit no contract verizon free cell phone via USB tether, and while testing it months ago, turned on dual sourcing - had 4g USB internet and also my DSL for a while, until I was sure the cell would be better). Turned that off now and it seems all my 30 devices are connected again as cpu usage went down. My cameras stream about 30mbps all the time to blueIris so that keeps the router busy too!

Just thought I would toss this out there in case it happens to anyone else!

I had the same issue to solve this I reserved the IP of all my devices. As well my router allows me to limit the IP range so I made the range to what my decice reservations were ( - My Android phone was always stealing the broadlinks Ip till I did this.