Infonat loop help

So I was trying to make a program to operate the scenes from my key fob and have added a loop with no end.
I can’t switch off the program just get an error.
Dose any one know where the program files are kept on a Ubuntu / pi computer so I can delete the program.
I have reset HG and the pc but the loop will not stop.
Help please

Just do a file find in an SSH session like

sudo find / -name nameofyourprogram

In an SSH session just enter the following

sudo systemctl stop homegenie.service

That will stop HG. Delete the offending file. To start it again enter

sudo systemctl start homegenie.service

Could you post the code snippet of the rogue script that’s running in a infinite loop.

If all else fails did you try pulling the power from your Raspberry Pi and plugging it in again.

Found the directory and deleted file.
I had already tryed switching it off then on but as I could not tell HG not to run the program it just kept on going.

I was trying to write some test code.
I was looking for a way to check the name of what ever had changed to see if it was equal to zwave. 32, so I could then work on the message from 32.

Yes that can happen sometimes. At least the offending script is gone now and everything is back to normal.

Another cool command I found is “whereis”

no sudo needed; just enter whereis homegenie to quickly find what directory it is in!

Sudo is used in Raspbian just to give you superuser privileges so you can search the entire file structure when you don’t know what account the file is located in. A simple find command usually suffices. Not knowing what the OP knows about Linux I included sudo to cover all bases. fd can be used as can many other shortened commands to perform the same function. That’s the beauty of the Unix/Linux OS. So many choices.

Thanks all. Have found the location.