I am only going to say this once and I am not trying to generate any problems here.

I’ve been with HomeGenie for a long time and using it primarily with X-10. I was pretty stoked when I found it and got it to work a bit.

I’ve contributed some to these forums and like to think I helped out a bit from time to time. I like HomeGenie in some ways but I wanted Home Automation- not another hobby.

I recently got clearance from my wife to make things work better so I tried Hubitat. I like it. I am also converting slowly to Zigbee. I still have a bunch of X-10 and I am still using HomeGenie in a bridge capacity to link the Hubitat to X-10 (using an HTTP GET virtual switch device in Hubitat).

I’ve gotten more things working in the last week than I have with HomeGenie in the last two years. There is still a learning curve but not so bad.

I am not dissing HG at all. It is a cool tool but for me… It just took too much expertise to make it usable to me- I came home far too many times with the wrong lights on or off. It was very frustrating.

So just a short contribution. YMMV as always…


You’ve probably nailed it here. It’s a case of “don’t tell me how, tell me when” in your situation. Just fire it up, set the timers and get on with other things.

HG is definitely not for the faint hearted. Just when you think you have it all in place something decides not to fire. It’s definitely a home automation hobby application that’s needs time and effort spent to achieve results.

There’s a lot of home automation hubs that have recently hit the market. Most have embedded firmware and are basic and intuitive to the extent that the user only has to drag and drop a few boxes and their system is set up and the hub is left in the corner undisturbed.

HG really is for the tinkerer and the enthusiasts. I think developers are starting to realise that users have no interest in coding these days and as a result are changing their approach to how they are designing their frontends.

If you have time take a look at Node Red. You may be a little surprised at the developers approach to home automation design.

If you haven’t tried the latest version of HG it’s worth a look. I suggested to Gene that he add support for the CM19 X10 controller which surprisingly he has done. All the details are on his GitHub.