Http get regest

Is it posable to get (request) the status of a devise eg light over http.
Eg the opposite of “http://hg_address/api/HomeAutomation.ArduinoDemo/3/Control.Off” witch sets the value in HG. I would like to read the current value from HG.

yes, probably easy enough to find with your browser debugger - I dont have a hg install at work to check :slight_smile:

Found it after a long time:

http:// < IP > /api/HomeAutomation.ZWave/ < zwave module number eg 3 > /Basic.Get

so would look like
This returns a json file with the current value of the unit requested

Ian R

Sorry, missed this question completely.
Also take a look at the docs:
You will find a lot of other things that you can do using API.