Hows your HomeGenie satisfaction?

  • HomeGenie suits my current HA needs
  • Home genie doesn’t fill my HA needs But I’m happy.
  • HomeGenie isn’t keeping up so I’m moving on

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I’ve never been a big fan of Polls, usually no one bothers with them. However since it appears many old and newer members of this forum have stopped posting (for what ever reason) this may get more input then a typical thread as It simple takes a mouse click.
Comments though encouraged, are not a requirement in this thread.

Each week I get more impressed with my HG setup on my $5 Pi ZeroW board.
Maybe being retired now my needs are fewer when it comes to automation :roll_eyes:
Over the last week or so I’ve noticed I’ve not got the dreaded “sorry (device name) isn’t responding!” from Alexa even though the device did go on or off as I had wanted.
Then I realized as a joke I started to respond to Alexa with “Yes it did!” and to my surprise she responded with “Oh OK!” seems she has learned something about y HG devices. :rofl: :joy: :clap:

Not much of a poll fan either. I usually fall between multiple choices. Do I round up or down? Wish I could do more with HG, but it is working as is on an old version no less.

That may be a good idea for a new section topic (HG wish list)
Maybe @Bounz could create a section where users could post what they’d like to do but can’t. There are alot of users that dable in coding and may have something all ready running in their setup. The how to section doesn’t seem to have much input maybe it just needs to be renamed.

Yes there’s so many HG users with various releases of HG working perfectly for them so there’s no need to update them to a later release as long as they don’t require a feature that a newer release would provide.