How to run a 'program' in a Group?

I have totally lost how to do this. I have an ARM program and a DISARM program for my X10. Over the last yr or so of HG updates, my ARM program icon in a GROUP has disappeared. DISARM is still there and still works.

I cannot figure out how to add an icon in my group to run the ARM program again. It is not in the list of available things to pick when I say add to a group.

Any clues please?

I may just add it to my windows 10 task scheduler instead as that is all it is, and Html call.

Configure>Groups>select the group you want to add the module to>Actions>Add Module>select the module you want to add.

Make sure your Arm program is enabled otherwise it won’t show up on the list.

Thank you; You were right on: Somehow the un-addable program was not enabled. Plus HG had 2 similar named programs intermixed - calling wrong PID; deleted the mixed up ones and redid the missing one and all if again fine.

Looks like the last update, beside thankfully fixing the backup function, also may have fixed the missing security device names! At least the security devices are showing up in the ADD module list again! Hurrah! But that fix is for another day. Thanks for the reply.

Is it the X10 security devices you are referring to. Check the folder they are located in on your system. If you restart your system in debug mode you can see where the problem lies. You probably have to trigger each individual device to have HG recognise them. Is that your problem.