How to delete a scheduled event

so testing a timer, I made a test one. Now that I am thru with it, I find no method to delete it!

Anyone know how?

Thank you.

A corollary to this would be: is there a way to EDIT the schedule times? Again, I cannot find a way to change from a single time to a time range or change the times once saved once.

you could try:


Your kidding right??

In the scheduler bottom left click edit events.
on the far right of the event there should be two icons.
Right beside the icon to enable/disable is an X this deletes the scheduled event.
Just clicking on the event allows to edit

I wear glasses (:
No, I did not see that bottom left little pencil.
thank you.

I wonder if we should start a wiki on github and add these sorts of things with some screenshots?

I’ve found the old saying pictures are worth a thousands words to be so true.
A wiki would be most helpful to newbies and that’s what we need to attract.
Some things aren’t so obvious and if a newbie has difficulty with simple setup of timers or devices they move on.

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Between the documentation and the how to videos there’s plenty to get the novice started up and running in HomeGenie. This coupled with the archived forum fills in the majority of gaps.

It really pays to familiarise yourself with the interface before ploughing in to develop a solution to your HA requirements.

I found that when I started a few years back editing basic widgets from the predefined ones supplied by Gene helped greatly to understand the principles of HomeGenie and this coupled with basic macros and scripts pretty much covered much of what I needed to know.

The main thing to remember here is that this is not a commercial product. There is no 24 hour support line to contact in the event of difficulties you encounter and we all rely on the community goodwill aspect here.

We don’t make demands for features to be included nor do we expect immediate responses to our queries unlike the commercial side where you would expect this.

Many people who are used to the commercial software sector find it hard to adapt to the open source nature of HomeGenie. Maybe that is the reason why many try the product and move on.

There are many commercial HA alternatives out there but you pay dearly to use them. HomeGenie clearly isn’t one of them.

Documentation is the bugbear of many open source programs. There isn’t always time to document your solutions but I do find that asking for help usually yields results.

It’s vital that we hold on to as many technically minded members as possible and I for one am only too grateful for their patience and assistance when the chips were down.

Dave, Pete’s reply above pretty much sums it up. Some love this program and do not want the general public to use it. By keeping documentation minimal, this can be the case.

If it becomes too much hassle fighting those who do not want it easier for the public, I can VERY EASILY give up and stop sharing - it ain’t worth fighting that.

If there are enough others here with an opposite opinion, and want HG to grow and become more popular, then your gitmo idea may well be a way to that end.

If you pursue that, I would support it. I would add many more screen shots as Tuicemen suggests and continue my doc down into the individual concepts - like figuring how to delete a timer!