How to configure DS10 door switch?

So newby here. 100 hours ‘experimenting’ under my belt as there is little BASIC how to config X10 hardware.

BIG thanks to kevininv, tuiceman, and bkenobi for all the help so far!

Today’s question: How to config X10 DS10 door sensors?

Can someone please share how to do this? Once they are configured, they will show up in the list of modules I can add.

1: add batteries to the ds10a if not already setup.
2: besure HG is running
3: press the test button on the ds10
4: HG sees the Ds10 and adds to the list of X10 modules as S***** x10 security.
5: open GH and click on configeration anthen group you wish to add the module to.
6: with the group open click actions (bottom right) from there select add module.
7: scroll down to the X10 secton and locate the S**** X10Security module
8: click the plus sign to add it to the group.
9: you can now edit its name.
10: chances are youll see more then one security module listed so add them all you can see which is which by pressing the test button of each module.Or open the door window ans see which module reports activity.

I believe the X10 RF virtual module mapper also needs to be active for HG to see Security devices ( Probably any X10 RF)
If this isn’t turned on go to configuration then programs then x10
Next find the “X10 RF virtual Modules Mapper” and activate it.

I have not had it turned on except as I experiimented - but I only activated key fob: it is programmed to report back F15 via v572 - and it did. but I tried to make ARM one code and DISARM another code in v572 - it just showed F16 then F15 right after! keybob keys cannot be differentiated by v572.