How to autostart ha-bridge and HG on windows platform?

Although I have Homegeniemanager.exe marked ‘pin to start’ it does not run on windows 10 64 bit startup.

And I have no idea how to start a java program such as ha-bridge on power up.

Anyone know how to do this?

you need to install it as a Windows service

I agree it should be installed as a Windows service, but I do not think a user can do that; isn’t a service install done in the installation program that installs it on the computer? Ie it needs to come that way, no?

as for starting the ha-bridge, might an old fashion batch file do it?

Make a short cut to jar file then copy that to the start up folder. That should also work for HG. If not i believe there is some documentation for setting one of my programs up to run as a service on my forum.
Exactly which program slips my mind right now

Ok found where I had documented setting up a service in windows
Click on the windows run and type in:
sc.exe create (Service Name) binPath= (Path) DisplayName= (name)

(Service Name) = HomeGenieService
(Path) = path to HG executable
(name)= HG Service

was going to say use sc.exe

Thank you both. For HG to get to the next step of popularity and use by windows users, we need to have little stuff like this built into the windows installer.

Pin to start doesn’t add the program to the start up folder it merely adds to the top of the list (most used) when you click the start button on the desktop.(windows logo button)
Some things won’t run as a service to you need to start them when Windows starts
To run something when windows starts (not the same as a service) paste a shortcut to the file in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

I did not know this Tuicemen! So I searched for a start button, and I think I found what you refer to hidden under 3 bars at top left of windows program list.

So I checked each item under ‘most used list’ and few had ‘pin to start’ picked. I have a program I use that shows my startup programs, and let’s me move them to a 'delayed starts list with how long to delay; I got tired of 5 minute reboots! Now it is 15 seconds. Anyway, I will do the SC and java into start ideas. thanks.

java is a bit more work and I’ll have to Google that for you

I REALLY recommend using NSSM to create windows services from ordinary programs instead of sc.exe:

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nice! I had see simular programs but never tried any of them.

Great. Looks like it should work… So I tried it. NFG so far… I tried to start as a service HomeGenieMnager.exe, as that is what I click on that seems to start the HomeGenieservice.exe service… well it does not - yet. Here are my notes as I experiment yet again with how to make this duplicatable for others ( I am adding these notes to my .doc I wish to share for others):

So, thanks to Bounz, I installed the great NSSM zip from

Only the NSSM.exe program is required, and it seems it will be used to start, and restart if failed, any program you install as a service using it. So my understanding is you should copy this single file to somewhere on your path; hence, I put a copy in my C:\windows directory.

Next, it says it MUST be run with admin rights, and since it needs additional info, you cannot simply click on that name. I have a cmd.exe icon, set to open as admin in properties, on my desktop for such uses.

If you do not, then go to command window icon, rmc, and pick run as administrator. Now you can enter NSSM install HomeGenieManager and press enter. The HomeGenieManager is just the name YOU will list the service as – It can be anything.

This opens the NSSM gui where you browse to your program directory and find HomeGenieManager.exe.

That’s it. No further fields needed. Click Install and you are done!

IF IT WORKED: IT DOES NOT. Just rebooted and no HG service running. Next will try deleting this hg manager and instead nssm start HG service.exe itself…

OK, I quit trying to autostart HomeGenieService.exe as a service: NSSM insists it is already started. I assume by my rmc on Homegenie in programs listing and clicking on “pin to start.”

Bottom line appears to be HG DOES run service on reboot - it may or may not due to my clicking on ‘pin to start.’ At this point, I do not have time to investigate further; perhaps someone else would like to contribute some knowledge to this.

I now go on to auto start the HA-Bridge java program as it does NOT start by itself.

Next I tried to use NSSM to autostart Java program HA-Bridge.exe… Again NFG

Has no one else in the world tried to do this???

Java program does not start with nssm at boot.

Why am I the only one trying this stuff?

Is it of no interest to others?

PLEASe TELL ME!! If not one cares, I will stop posting! But WTF??

I think it is very good that you try to find solutions to your problems and write about it.

Remember that it took a long time after people realized that Gene had abandone the project,
and we were lucky that Bounz started this forum.
A lot of users were lost.

And even if you get poor feedback now, and help, I’m sure that there will be new users that appreciate the work you have done to find the solution.

And the few that are here will try to help you if they can. But remember that they are few. Unfortunately I’m not using Windows so I cant help much.

But keep it up and continue to write about your findings and problems.

Well, even though I don’t use Windows I use Google. Maybe the suggestions in this thread can help you?

When I ran HA-Bridge from windows I used my Alex10 program set to auto start this also auto started the HA-Bridge. As well it watched to be sure the bridge stayed running and if not it would restart it.
Since Alex10 works with the AHP SDK I assume it may cause issues but if not you could use it and just not configure any X10 modules. Others created scripts to watch for a HA-Bridge connection.
Since moving to the Pi I’ve not had an issue with HA-Bridge.
You may also try posting an issue in the HA-Bridge GitHub as that user base is very large.

Thanks! That is the site I found with other suggestions too. I now have many to try. thanks. I will add the one that work for me to my doc.