How to add LUX sensor and use value to control modules?

Hello - I have HG v1.3-stable.4 and a small network of Z-Wave devices that are mostly functioning fine.
Two parts to this question:

1 - (Z-Wave specific maybe) - I’m using an AeoTec TriSensor for which I don’t see an XML file for the pepper1 DB. Do I need to work through crafting my own in order to bring in the LUX / motion sensor values, or is there another way to do this?

2 - (More HG generic) - Once I have a sensor value on a module, how do I go about programmatically using that value to control devices? I think I can handle the program but the plumbing and association / where to put it is where I need help getting started.

BTW - is anyone creating their own pepper1 XML files, and if so, could we consider creating a repository of these for others to benefit?