How are you?

Hi everybody!

How are you doing during this COVID-19 madness?
I hope you all are doing well.

I feel a bit nervous about all this pandemic situation. Luckily my company is still working and I’m able to work remotely during this quarantine, but looking into the future I see a lot of possible negative scenarios starting with bankruptcy of local businesses and ending with marauders on the streets…

Take care and stay safe!

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Hope all our members remain safe. Social distancing should do the trick! Seems to me I am going more places NOW than before the pandemic! Maybe I am just realizing how much we drive and places we go now…

I think your perception is probably accurate. There will be many business failures from this nonsense. I hope all entrepenuers here, in the USA, realize the USA SBA will give them totally free 2 or 2.5 months of payroll (even to themselves if single member LLCs), rent, health care premiums, rent, lease… Just have to sign up to get it. It is called PPP or

I hope your concern of marauders does not come true! Back at hurricane Katrina, my wife and I, as members of Humane Society of America animal rescue team DART, went to New Orleans for 3 weeks to save pets left behind in flooded homes… towards the end they began to open up New Orleans to the public again… In came the marauders. Thugs, crooks. Then came some of the owners with their AK47s, shotguns, AR15s over their shoulders. Made it sorta hard to bust down doors and enter abandoned homes to save dogs, cats, birds, lizard pets… After few days of this we decided it was time to leave. We certainly do not want to experience wondering marauders again! Stay Safe!


Good to hear all good and you’re still working away @Bounz. Purely talking from a commercial perspective this crisis will wash away many “pop up” businesses. Many of them were undercapitalised to start with and were purely built on ideas. All style, no substance.

Thankfully our business has traded through many boom/bust cycles over a 40 year period and we do as we always have done. Adapt.

I look at the so called mature economies and I really do question their logic. Any business biggest asset is it’s staff. Treat them well and you will be rewarded tenfold. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case in a lot of situations.

Take care, stay well and stay safe


I’m still kickin and hope everyone here makes it through. I also believe social distancing is the key, saddly not everyone is abiding by it putting everyone at risk. The world as we know it will not be the same after this but hopefully it will be better.

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I guess my disposition has landed at old grouch. Just about anything can trigger a rant on what is wrong with the USA. I promise restraint here.

I am thankful for the people who participate on and work to improve Homegenie . We span many geopolitical boundaries. Well done.

At this point in time, social distancing is a given (at least in my neighborhood). Pondering a new normal for me is just little sparks hitting my retinas. This idea might be out there. Respecting personal space has been around for some time. Covid-19 will push that to a new level. Home automation will go beyond touchless control and allow us to control things and maintain distance with other people. To me, Homegenie is a key part of that future.

I am okay. Best wishes to all for health and livelihood.