How add Sonoff device(s)

I’ve just gotten HG installed on Ubuntu 18.04
At present the only devices I have at hand are Sonoff switch devices.

I’m not finding any existing definition for this family of device. Any
suggestions how to add Sonoff devices to HG?


I have a few of the low voltage devices at my off grid place which I had to flash to get local control. However I believe if not flashed with new firmware you would use MQTTT. There is I believe a thread for this on the sonoff forum. Newer sonoff devices I’m told now have local control but Im not sure how that works.

In answer to your question there is no native support for your devices. You could use the JSON api to interrogate your devices and return the results to HG.

There are a few examples of this on the forum. @Bounz has posted a few examples of how to achieve this.

With little or no recent development in HG technologies like this are lacking native support. You could of course post a request for native support on the HG GitHub and see what comes of it.

After a painful number of hours struggling to get 1) openHAB the 2) Domoticz to run on a fairly vanilla Ubuntu/x86_64 machine, I thought I’d try HomeGenie. A refreshingly problem-free install and setup.

To find a cheap, easily-hacked gizmo like Sonoff lacking native support, I’m, well… really surprised.

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like more research is needed.

Yes HG needs to be examined first to see what technologies it supports before purchasing devices.

Home Assistant is a good alternative as it supports the devices you mention straight out of the box.