HomeGenie Plus updates

I have been using HomeGenie Plus on a 2012 vintage Nexus Tablet for over a year and now on an Android phone for 10 months. Tuiceman made a good comment related to IP access of the App. However, my question is not IP related, so thought a new thread would be more appropriate.

Both my devices show Google updates coming through. Have not kept track, but maybe 4-5 in the last year. Since Gene is MIA and I have not observed any functional changes to the Plus App, I have been guessing that the updates are coming from Google and their layer of code. Question – has anybody else noticed these updates and is the source Google?

I have received updates for the Plus app automatically this spring but I’ve subscribed to the beta test group so that may be the reason I’ve seen those.

Thanks Tuicmen. Not sure if I signed up. Does HG Plus work with the latest version of HG?

Yes, I have it controlling my X10, wemo and zwave outlets.as well as viewing my IP cameras.