HomeGenie on the Raspberry Pi Zero W

Has anyone managed to get HomeGenie working on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I got the latest Raspbian image,Raspbian Stretch Lite, did the usual update, upgrade. Installed Mono complete v5.12 latest version. Downloaded and installed the gdebi v1.1.15 HomeGenie.

All I’m getting is exception handles being thrown or missing assemblies.

I’ve got a workable version of HomeGenie both v1.1.15 and v526 working on a RPI 2 and RPI 3 so the physical side of setting up HomeGenie is not an issue.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what is happening here.


Forgot HomeGenie doesn’t work past Mono 5.4. Had to pin Mono version 5.4 to the install to get round these problems. All working well now.

This problem will need to be investigated at some stage.

I had tried Raspbian Stretch Lite, with my Zerro W but couldn’t get HG to run however v526 was simple to get working on Stretch full.
I confess I’ve not tried HG v1.1.15

Desktop or Light it shouldn’t matter. Most of the operational difficulties relate to the version of Mono you use.

I completely forgot that I needed to pin Mono 5.4 to my install. It’s a while since I set up HomeGenie from scratch. I just have a base install image which I swap between Pi’s.

Using Mono 5.4 will practically guarantee that your install will run on whatever version of HomeGenie you throw at it.

I definitely wouldn’t overload a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a GUI. For anyone who has loaded their install with a GUI you can disable it with the sudo raspi-config command.

The fact that I couldn’t get HG to install on Stretch lite most likely was That I was new at the whole Pi thing.
I do have the desktop disabled and it has been running fine though the web UI is slow to load.

Slow browser loading has been reported by others too. Experiment with different browsers till you find one that suits.

Firefox on Ubuntu works reasonably well here. Also experiment with different ports. Credential checks I found have slowed it down too.

One factor you may wish to bear in mind when using email notification is your email login credentials are transmitted in plain text by HomeGenie so best to use a dedicated email address purely for HomeGenie.

The slow loading of the web page I can live with.
It is good to know about the email credentials

Yes if you run HomeGenie from the working folder and trigger an email notification you can observe your credentials being exchanged on the server in plain text. That definitely needs to be addressed.