HomeGenie on macOS

Is anyone using HomeGenie on macOS? I mean hosting the server on Mac?
I think it’s not a common use case so I want to drop support of macOS as a host platform for HG.
What do you think?

  • I host HomeGenie on macOS
  • I do not host HomeGenie on macOS

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Maybe if you try a poll Bounz. Give it a week or so and depending on the results you can make your decision either way. At least you can’t be accused of not asking.

I actually had the same thoughts. I think it would be an odd choice of platform really…

Is it not basically the same as hosting in Linux?

If you want HG to become a user friendly widely used platfrom I think it should be keep.

Also the size of the sample of users here really isn’t big enough to poll for a good answer to your query.

Although macOS is a “unix-like” system, they are not compatible at all, and to support it we will need to include more native libraries.
Also it has different security and permission mechanics to work with connected devices, different device handling and so on. And there are problems with some system calls implementations in mono which I have faced with.

That said I don’t think that macOS is a good platform for hosting home automation software.

Of course, if someone has the knowledge or wants to get it, and spend the time to support a MacOS version they are free to do it.
But since the userbase is still pretty small and there are only a few that knows enough about the code to actually fix bugs and add features, I think that the time is best spent on the most common platforms.

For me it would be Linux(RaspberryPi) and Windows, in that order.

Of course people can make their own decisions, but since a RaspberryPi is almost as cheap as one sensor I think it is the perfect host for HG. So price shouldn’t really be a problem. This is not a cheap hobby.