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I had heard about Magic mirrors some time ago but never really got interested in them.
My interest got peaked the other day while watching You tube videos on a saleable Bathroom vanity Smart Mirror.
I then began to think these would be cool to display my HA info and maybe act as a HA wall console.
I saw a video of a how to make one using a touch screen and thought this would be perfect.
Problem was I don’t have a old touch screen (or even a new one) and not sure I’d wish to tear it apart for this.
I then found this How to.

I realized HG could be used for this but I’d still want a touch screen.
I then realized :thinking: I have an old phone and a old tablet either one will still view a web page or run an app.

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It sounds cool but how could you achieve the mirror effect on the touch screen and keep the touch function?

I’m thinking of using an old phone for my initial test since my new phone has a glass screen protective covering this shouldn’t be an issue.
There are a few videos on YouTube where a touch screen is used behind the glass and they work.
the thickness of the glass may be a key factor.
The other Idea I had was to use voice activation instead. this would reduce having to clean the mirror of finger prints.
There is an android app (actually lots) but one still in development offers Alexa of google home integration in a future update.
Alexa won’t work from my old tablet but will from my old phone. I’ve also had experience with creating android apps using Voice so I may have to go that route.
I’ve just started to look deeper into creating this but you nd others may wish to check out the opensource code for the Pi https://github.com/MichMich/MagicMirror/tree/v.2.1.3

It will be nice to see what you end up with. It is a fun project.

You probably found this page. But for others interested it could be helpful.

I’d not seen that thanks for the link.

I ordered a piece of two way mirror acrylic from a local distributor which should be here before the weeks end.
I’m hoping to get two pieces out of this one for my city place and one for the off grid place.
I figured I could use the HG android app on the phone or tablet however that doesn’t display well enough for my liking.
Viewing from a web page is better.
If the touch screen works with the mirror great, if not I’ll have a nice info center mirror.
In any case I downloaded a smart mirror app for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=scot.mclarentech.magicmirror
for a simple display test I also subscribed to be a beta tester so maybe I can get some sort of way for HG info to be added.

So my mirror arrived but my wife had already left to come to the cottage :frowning_face: :roll_eyes: so unfortunately it will be another week before I get to play with this.:frowning_face:
From my research it looks like I’ll be out of luck for the touch ability.
However I can get around that using voice commands :nerd_face:
It is possible to turn the pi into an Alexa echo or Google home device :clap:
This Is something I had not considered but adding this may be overloading my PI.
I’ve been playing with both my old smartphone and old tablet and I think I’m going to need to create either a special mirror app or modify the HG android app. :frowning_face: as my old tablet is just to old for many apps.:frowning_face:

I thought about this, and touch on a mirror just sounds a stupid idea…

The facial recognition on a mirror however :smiley:

LOL yes I had not considered the finger print aspect of the touch option.
The facial recognition module and the Alexa module are just a few of the cool modules for this.
I was also concerned abut a PI being able to handle HG, Alexa, HA-Bridge and streaming the odd thing.
However I found a post where a user is using it with Domoticz, Alexa, HA-Bridge, and a camera on a 3b

Since I have the 3B+ here and plan to run MM in server mode I should have no issue other then bogging down my slow Internet connection.

I finally got around to installing Magic Mirror on a SD card with HG.
On first look it seemed to be running ok but then I started to check other things and realized I had installed it to my docker test HG installer card. :crazy_face:
I decided to give it another shot on my old HG mono build SD card.
Wow what a difference CPU runs rarely above 45% and usually below 5% on the docker build the CPU was never running below 75% and most of the time 90% or better. needless to say the PI heated up real quick on the docker SD card.

I just have the default modules loaded as yet and MM is only running in server mode as I plan my mirror to eventually use an old tablet.
Currently the Tablet will not display MM info in the Browser as it is to old and can’t be updated.
HG will display in the browser as with the app so I believe an app will be require to use this tablet.