HG with CM11

I installed HG on Raspberry Pi 4 Buster without issue. Trying to operate a X10 chime using the CM11 attached.

I have HeyU installed on the raspberry and it operates the chime. But HG does not. Have the module set to the same USB device code as the HeyU. It does seem to be recognized by HG and appears in the list. But does not send the signal.

Please advise how to troubleshoot this issue.

You can’t have Heyu installed on the same Raspberry Pi you have HG installed on. The drivers will conflict. HG has its own built in support for the CM11 which can be enabled inside HG itself.

Completely remove Heyu from your SD card or if you struggle just reinstall Raspbian and HG again which might be an easier and cleaner option.

Thank you. Did as you recommended. New OS and HG install. Set up X10 with the CCM11, added the C6 module for the chime and it does not respond. Next steps to troubleshoot?


Have you enabled X10 in the X10 Interface Options. Look across to the right of the Device Options and you will see an Disable/Enable button

Once you’ve done that you should should see an X icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Can you confirm if this is the case.

Yes, thanks. I can confirm that the chime is now chiming! Step one of my HG experience. Thanks for the help. I am sure I will need more help soon! And the CM11 is making it to the XTB-IIR which is another really good thing. Looking forward to starting this new experience.

Glad that helped.

Don’t be afraid to read the HG documentation either. It’s actually quite easy to follow and quite informative for creating Wizard Scripts too. That’s when you will see HG perform.