HG Web interface speed

I run HG r525 on an original RPI and it seems pretty stable overall. I have a somewhat rare issue where one of my apps switched to the dark red indicating a run error. Overall it works well, though.

The one area I’m not pleased with is communication speed. When I connect via Android App (free app, not plus), it can take up to 30 seconds or longer to show my dashboard evendors from the LAN. When I connect via browser it is equally slow.

If this is an issue with using an older/slower RPi, I’d be inclined to upgrade. Any comments/experience?

Hi, @bkenobi.

I had the similar issue when I was using RPi 1. After upgrading to RPi 2 overall speed of HomeGenie (including interface loading) dramatically improved.

I’ve seen the RPIv3 and was kicking the idea around. But now that I’m more confident it will make an appreciable improvement, I’ll start sourcing parts. Thanks!

The real speed comes from your micro SD card, make sure you use a fast card. I noticed a dramatic response increase when I went from a class 4 to a class 10 card in my RPi_3.

Currently updating my entire RPi network to class 10 cards.

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I only buy class 10. They’re about the same price and spec much faster. I’ve also switched to only micro-sd since that makes it easy with adapters (sd, usb, phones, etc).

I ordered a RPi 3 since it was too good of a price to skip. If it’s not a scam, I’ll have it in a few days. I have to locate a new case apparently though as the RPi 1 uses a different case than the others. Finding one with a wall mount is apparently slightly complicated though.

Well, not surprisingly the price was too good. Anyway, I’ve ordered a regular price unit and case (since it won’t fit in the RPi1 case). I’m assuming it will be here next week and I can get everything set up. It will be nice having 4 USB so I can have the 3 things I want plugged in at all times (CM15A, UPS monitor, backup microSD adapter). Right now, I have to remember to swap in the backup adapter for the UPS once in a while (or after a major change). I haven’t done it in a while, so it’s not a good backup system really.