HG using x10 CM15A controller and RF commands using X10 MS16a motion sensor

As I had mentioned earlier I was never able to use the MS16A motion Sensor reliably with HG. It would sometimes turn on or off devices not scheduled. This would also happen occasionally using X10 powerhouse HR12A remote control.
In the past I wanted to use the motion sensor with 2 Macros 1 for day time use, activating x10 chime and 2 for nighttime, silence chime and activate Exterior lights. The macros were setup and worked correctly most of the time but they would also activate others that were not scheduled. Most of my HG devices are on HG scheduler. I found if I don’t use the motion sensor the scheduler is almost flawless. I did try 2 different MS16A motion sensors with the same results.

It should be noted the X10 motion sensors mentioned do send different house codes (the next unit code up) for dusk dawn. Over the years I’ve seen many users play with these toys (yes Toys) X10WTI stated these were outdoor sensors however they rarely last a year when exposed to the elements. Once the batteries start to fail their RF signal can drift all over the place to any house code unit code. even poor connections can cause that. I switched to the X10 Security motion sensors along time ago and never looked back. However the only truly outdoor sensor that X10WTI ever produced was the outdoor motion sensing flood lights.
The fact that you had other devices getting activated for the sensors and even the HR12A suggests to me that you have some RF interference or a neighbour close with a x10 setup.
Did you ever setup HG logging so you could see a history of events?

Yes I did monitor the log frequently and did not notice any activity other than my own. I don’t believe my neighbors are close enough and none of them are any closer than 200 feet. I have seen first hand while operating the HR12A Remote activate A1 when I was trying to activate B2. I’m more inclined to think it was your suggestion of Rf interference or Rf drift when HR16A is activated. Is the x10 security motion sensor compatible with CM15A and for exterior use?

the x10 security sensors are not rated for external use. However I do have one outside on my front porch protected from the elements and has been in operation there for over 8 years.
What I was suggesting watching for PLC commands something that would have maybe triggered by your RF or PLC if you have any tm751 s or RF repeaters or another CM15 connected elsewhere in the building.

I do not have any repeaters, th751s or other CM15 connected.

ok as a test, with out setting any thing in HG set a light to the sensors address. Be sure this address isn’t setup in HG.
does it turn on/off as suppose to from sensor detection?

Ok I removed the module A1 from HG and it activates the light A1 when motion detected it does show up however in top right corner of HG as Ai level 1

I’m sorry as A1 as level 1 not Ai

Yes HomeGenie will display all RF the CM15 sees, if HG is set to that house code, so that part is working correctly.
Next you need to test the dusk dawn feature which should work for A2, if I remember correctly. A1 signals I believe will still be sent during the dusk dawn as will the A2 signals.

I was going to reply but Tuicemen pretty much covered my thought. I will say it another way just in case: the MS16 sends ADDITIONAL x10 on/off sigs on the programmed unit code +1. So you will see A2 on/off commands also at dusk/dawn. Use 10pc of MS16 and you now have 10 “unexplained” on/off commands happening you may not have considered. Just wanted to be sure this unit code +1 was not the cause of the apparent random on/offs.

Hi Mike Thanks for your reply I appreciate it. I don’t think this was the problem as I had the MS16A set at House Code B and it was occasionally triggering House Code A devices. I did have a Macro setup if MS16A on after 11pm before sunrise turn on A4 for 5 minutes. But sometimes would turn on A1 or possibly A2. I never could figure it out so I had stopped using the MS16A. I only had the one in use.

If you had another sensor laying around with batteries installed that would account for the extra signals. every thing X10 reverts to defaults of A1

I only had one MS16A in use at a time. I did notice in the Fall that MS16A would sometimes get fogged up under the eye even without rain. Just warm sunny day to cold temp swings. I thought maybe this had something to do with it. I also had two macros running off the same MS16A set at B2, one for daytime controlling X10 chime SC546A set at B1, and nighttime Exterior lights on for 5 minutes via XPFM set at A4

[quote=“edjal, post:13, topic:569”]
I did notice in the Fall that MS16A would sometimes get fogged up under the eye even without rain. Just warm sunny day to cold temp swings. I thought maybe this had something to do with it.
[/quote] That does indicate a moisture problem and would explain lots.
Did both MS16A units have the fogging?

Yes they both had fogging.

AH! that’s your problem As I stated before the weather elements affect these.
The rubber gasket may not have been seated tight or the screw not fastened down fully or both.
I remember a user on the x10 forum used silicone on all the joints on one and still had issues…

It makes sense. I thank you for your assistance. They sell a pro model PMS03 now I may purchase one and give it a try. Thanks again for your help

Yes the pro version also has a off setting which the older ones didn’t .This may mean less things you need to configure in HG. I think it is also on sale right now.