HG scheduler sometimes commands more devices than it is Scheduled to

My HG scheduler at times will command more than it should. For example twice this week at random days scheduler at 10:30pm should turn off X10 A4 (Ext Pole Light) but it also turned off A6 (Fam Rm Lamp) that was scheduled Off at 10:40pm. I also found A6 Fam Rm Lamp on a couple of mornings. Its scheduled on time is 15 min after sunset. The only scheduled on time in the morning is the furnace on at 8am. I don’t know if furnace on was the culprit. I did have one bad Rf command during overnight hours it may have been the culprit. Any have any Ideas?? I have one CM15 controller that was cleared of memory and history many times before use. The log does not indicate A6 turned on during the night. However there was a bad command in the log at 1:19am.
Info Receiver Raw Data X10 Rf 20 44 40 12 40.
Warn Bad RF message
I have no idea what that is about and I have noticed randomly bad RF messages logged in the past also. Does any one have any suggestions. Thank You Ed Jalbert

It definitely sounds like you might have a faulty CM15. As you say you’ve cleared the memory many times so that’s not the problem.

You could try plugging the CM15 into a different wall socket to rule out possible noise on the line but I doubt that’s the problem now. There is the possibility of picking up rogue rf signals from external sources.

Try locating a replacement CM15 to rule out a faulty unit.

One other question Re: Cm15. After going into tools hardware and deselecting all house Codes do I click on update Cm15 before leaving house codes screen. To this point I have not done so. I’m really hoping Petdiscreet is wrong about me having a bad CM15 as everyyhing worked correctly while on AHP software. Edjal

I’d post that query on the method of clearing the CM15 using AHP directly in the X10 forum. In fact if you search that forum you’ll probably find the answer.

I imagine you’d need to use the update function to upload those changes to the eprom on the CM15. Also don’t forget to remove the batteries from the CM15 too.

I’m Happy to report that since RPi buster install ,HG ver 1.3 stable .5 install and properly clearing CM 15 as suggested by Petediscrete Scheduled programs are running correctly so far. They are no longer starting when they should not.

That’s good news indeed. As I mentioned before your setup is now unique to you and any mods you make can be easily tracked and debugged and of course you have the latest version of the OS installed.