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Does anyone know if Gene is still working on the HG plus app? It’s still considered a beta but there’s been no update on a while. I have a change that I’d like to suggest, but with no forum I’m not sure how to contact him if he’s even still working on things.

HomeGenie Plus


  • Added new automation programs
  • Minor fixes/improvements
  • Performance improvements in pause/resume process
  • Improved module settings popup by adding automation programs options
  • UI improvements
  • Screen saver now requires to select pictures to show
  • Added local device sensors module
  • Various fixes

My external IP changes when the power goes out or the modem is reset. HG+ doesn’t have an option to change the IP so I have to create a new connection and set it up every time that happens (a few times a year). Seems like an easy change but not sure where to submit the request.

Can’t you use a free ip provider like no-ip.com or something? I use that and my router have support for that so if the isp change my ip the no-ip address is updated automatically.
Don’t think it is necessary with router support either. Think there is clients for both linux and windows that can take care of the update when the ip changes.

I looked into that a while back and, at the time, determined that it wouldn’t work. It may today, but my solution has been a script on HG that emails me the changed IP.

Yes I’m no expert. But I have used it for probably 10 years now to be able to access ssh on my computer when I’m traveling. But there are maybe certain cases where it won’t work.

And lately I used it together with VPN service in my router and then I have access to HG and whatever like the phone was on the local network.

I dismissed it in the past for a couple reasons.

  1. Free was useless (paid wasn’t worth it)
  2. Free required renewal too often (still monthly from the looks of it
  3. IP only changes on power cycle of modem (2-4x annually) vs 12/yr renewal
  4. wasn’t accessible from work (still a problem and the biggest issue really)

Yes I use free and have to renew every month. But it takes only like 30 seconds so I didn’t see it as a big problem. Much better for me than have to check if the external ip have changed.

There are a lot of dynamic dns services, use them and connect to your HG host with the domain name instead of IP.
Here you can find comparison of some of them: https://socialcompare.com/en/comparison/dynamic-dns-providers

Btw, I think you can try to contact Generoso through Play Market.

If I remember right when you leave feed back in the app store the developer gets an email stating so.

That might work best. I tried the contact link and it went to the google+ page.

Either way it is probably hard to get in contact with Gene.

The google play page says 10,000 downloads and he’ll release the code. It says 500 IIRC…

Pity Gene doesn’t resurface. There’s renewed interest in HomeGenie. Who knows he might actually make some money from it this time round.

I know he’s probably watching us all flapping in the breeze with his creation.

The current download count is ever so slightly short of the target :laughing: . Don’t hold your breath for a code release just yet.

what might be easier is to ressurect bounz’s vue version… i also thought about creating a windows app as i don’t hide the fact that i hate the ui as its, as its so hard to extend… really need the non minified source too

Gene has resurfaced. He has been answering issues and help request on HomeGenie github.

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That’s sounds promising !!!

But I think that have happened before? A couple of commits and then quiet for a year.
And either way no matter what his plans are I think that killing the old forum was a misstake.

But we will see what happens.

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It is not unusual for any developer to go quiet for a year or even more.Looking after a forum is a lot of work depending on how active it is. Since I never got into HG back then I wasn’t able to help out with it which many forums need.
If activity slows (few posts per month) it is easy to dismiss and pull the plug.
Commenting on suggestions and expressing interest in Ideas put forth peaks a developers interest. Lurkers or leachers do nothing for keeping a forum or project active. Stating your moving on due to lack of progress will kill a project quicker then anything. I’ve just taken an interest in HG and would hate for it or the Android app to die.