HG on Solar

Actually my summer place is totally solar no power lines here
HG is running on a Raspberry pi 3B+
I’m running Raspbian stretch with the desktop UI so the PI doubles as a streaming unit.
Surprisingly this works well even during streaming.
My setup isn’t large here but mostly X10 devices even x10 security.
the place has radiant flooring so I have the pumps turning on off via x10 no fancy thermostat (yet)
I have Alexa controlling things via a HA-Bridge addon program. this was used to also enable a broadlink RM RF/IR device which allows HG to control my TV,SAT and X10 security console arm & disarm.
this place is 3 times the size of my city place so there is lots of room for Automation.

I have solar panels mounted on three poles and the roof with two using solar trackers. one tracker I modified the controller to accept a Sonof safe voltage module which HG locks into position an a high wind notification from an Open Weather trigger. this can be unlocked or locked as well with Alexa voice control or a button press in HG.
I have some timers set in HG to turn on a couple of Bug zappers plugged into wijit RF modules. It’s not bad for bugs here but it only takes one mosquito to make for a sleepless night

The place is monitored by 4 IP cameras three of which are viewable in HG
these three are Pan and tilt units, 2 outside and one inside.
HG send an email on a security trip which includes pictures of all three cameras.
the two outside cameras can cover the entire outside of the house however I’ve yet to setup the presets which I’d like to tie into a sensor trip so they move to that location and send a pic or two.
the P&T inside camera can view both main floor doors and the stairs leading to the basement and attached garage.
I have a couple of X10 motion sensors here but there not in use right now.
I have had issues with bears here getting into my apple trees and breaking branch wrecking the trees so I have in the past used the motion sensors to trigger a um523 which seems to deter them so I may ended up rigging those up again, this time in HG so they only trigger during specific times

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I have a couple of color first generation my lights (easybulbs)) in fixtures at the front door I’d like to tie into the security as well.
My X10 modules consist mostly of lamp modules though I do have a newer wall switch to power my ceiling fan.
I wired in an inline appliance module to my outdoor furnace as even though this is a summer place it is winterized and I do get up during the winter months for an Ice fish or two. With this inline module I can start the furnace which is dual fuel (Wood/Propane) from the city. If I’ve stoked it up with wood prior to leaving the propane fire catches the wood which takes over heating the water. The pumps circulate the water though the house and it is on its way to heating up prior to getting there.

I have a good repour with the owner of Authinx which now handles X10 ( North American modules at least) since x10WTI went bankrupt in 2014. I had a good deal of input into the development of the new WM100 (wi-fi to PLC module) the protocol still isn’t available but I keep pressing for it. I’m assured it is coming so I may get this integrated into HG. Currently I only use this to connect from the city but HG sees the x10 activity and can act on it via the CM15A.
The idea of a new Pro version is being floated around and I’m pushing for a 220/110 volt version so it is compatible for the European market.

X10 is a very “hard sell” in today’s world. Z Wave seems to be the defacto home automation install for most users.

The simplicity of X10 is very appealing both from a price and programming perspective but it’s limitation has all but put off the current crop of automation adopters.

Personally I still use X10 as I always love the challenge of integrating it into modern technologies but as a longer term solution I think it’s had its day.

Always love to hear of users squeezing the last drop out of X10 though. My GE Security Panel supports X10 so I get to use it quite a bit there.

I don’t believe that or Authinx would have gone out of business just like X10WTI.
Their first run of the WM100 sold out in a few weeks as did the second run. If it didn’t do so well they wouldn’t be considering a Pro version

Actually of all protocols I tried Zwave included, x10 has been the easiest to install and maintain.
My x10 Setup both here and in the city are rock solid.
You need to identify possible noisy loads and signal sucker which can easily be eliminated with some effort.
X10WTI with its cheaply made modules drove many away that weren’t willing to make the cheep modules work.
the newer x10 modules (at least those available in North America) have better electronics their signals are stronger and they have AGS to hep overcome noise situations not to mention they are much quieter then the old modules and backwards compatible with older x10 devices.

Each protocol has its market and one can’t do everything the trick is getting the right mix of protocols that works for you.

I’ve never had any real problems with X10 but when something collapses like it did the market is wide open for competitors. Users want things “now” and not in the future.

You’ve practically created yourself what Authinx don’t offer with a simple CM15 and a Raspberry Pi Zero. What’s the delay with those guys. DIY enthusiasts are doing this every day of the week in this day and age.

Commercial applications like Homeseer, a long time player in the HA market, have dropped official support for X10. That must have been a commercial decision driven by demand.

Actually Zero W and CM15A At my city residents was a proof of concept.
Authinx like you thought the demand for X10 had dwindled. This was part of the reason the WM100 is basically a Wi-Fi to PLC 32 device unit… they didn’t expect the demand to be there, The owner actually liked the proof of concept idea so much that he supplied a new working CM15 for me to work with. The Idea of a PI style board inside a new WM Pro was to be pitched today to the factory and developers. I believe Authinx wants this but the price the factory and developers come back with may mean some limitations. Athough if they go for the whole package it will make Homeseers pi hub obsolete

Homeseer never really officially supported x10 with the cm15 any ways, like most of the protocol homeseer works with it is mostly user created plugins that allow it.
Homeseer has no idea of how many of its users are using X10 it Is a software company but lately has sarted getting into the hardware side (zwave and hubs)
Funny how some commercial developers start with X10 to build there market share then drop it.only to lose customers by doing so.

The single board computer will drive future HA development. I can’t believe people are still using desktops/laptops or even Windows and separate controllers as their HA engine.

I’ve been ripped apart by Windows aficionados over this but time will tell.

With windows core now available for the Pi boards I suspect more Windows die hard users will move to a Pi.
I’ve not tested Windows core as core apparently doesn’t have drivers for the newer 3B+ included yet.
I’ve seen videos of HA running from it though I’m not sure what software as it was using Alexa or Cortana.

I parked Windows after Vista. XP was their highlight. Best thing I ever did in computing terms. No more updates being forced down my throat. Microsoft missed the boat.

Vista was the worse version ever. seems Windows got it right every other version.
actually like 10 better then XP

The other day I rigged up my front outdoor PTZ (Mjpeg) EasyN IP camera to pan to a door/window sensor trip.
I’ve yet to setup my Bear deterrent but this is on my todo list for the next rainy day.
I’ll tie in my cameras to pan to the location when tripped now that I have that figured out.
The only difference will be a motion sensor used as the trigger.
I don’t send emails with my camera movement as my inbox could quickly fill up .