HG inside my CM15A

I’m fairly new to using Home Genie and my setup is rather small but I run HG in to separate locations now.
My quest for a low power PC to rum my Automation at my off grid Cabin (solar power only) made me look at using a PI and HG.
With the price of the Pi dropping and the size of the new Zero W board I Though about combining the Zero W with my CM15A as it turns out it fits nicely inside the cm15 with the battery compartment removed. Actually only half need be cut away. a full write up with pics can be found here:
My setups are mostly X10 thus the CM15A mod.
I do have other protocols in use in my city place where this CM15A mod is running.
My off grid place required a more powerful PI so I went with the 3B+ which is to big to fit inside the CM15A.

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I have Raspbian stretch running on the Zero W currently with HG 1.1 beta r256 and the latest HA-Bridge 5.2.1.
HG displays my 4 IP cameras and will send me pictures from each via email from a button click or when a security sensor is tripped and the system is armed.
HA-Bridge turns this into an Alexa controllable hub though there is a HG program for that.
HA-Bridge also allows me to send Security arm/disarm or panic calls to my security console with HG or Alexa via a Wi-Fi, learnable RF/IR hardware device called a Broadlink RM Pro.
I’ve not yet fully exploited HG and it may be awhile before I get much more added to this as I’m at my summer house now.

For now I can check on things while away and get notified via email if things go amiss.

Glad to see you got your system finally setup and working. As I previously explained to you the old HomeGenie forum is a vast source of reference and many of our more experienced users who came across similar problems starting out managed to resolve them there.

Of course with the help of @Bounz we were once again able to access the old forum. It is definitely worth the time reading through it albeit without a search function. And of course a big thanks to Gene who put all the hard work and heavy lifting in to get us to where we are now.

Thanks to your encouragement on the X10 forums I decided to use HG with this mod and not looked at any thing else since.
I’ve read through a good part of the old HomeGenie forum, it is to bad a search doesn’t work with it, finding info on that is time consuming.

Time consuming but well worth the effort @Tuicemen . No point trying to reinvent the wheel :laughing:

Just a side note: if you need to perform a search over old forum snapshot - use Google: just add site:http://old.homegenie.club to your search query!
Example: https://www.google.com/search?&q=alexa+site%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fold.homegenie.club

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thanks that will help a lot!

Has Google started picking up HomeGenie Old Forum @Bounz .That exercise was definitely worth your while so :laughing:

the problem I find with the old forum is links in a thread.
they lead nowhere so your back to manually searching Unless I’m missing something

No links in a thread I doubt will get picked up on a Google search. Your search through Google will have to be very precise to find what you’re looking for.

Yes, unfortunately such snapshots of sites (I’ve made it with a third-party utility as I haven’t had an access to the old forum database) could have broken links.
Not perfect, but better than nothing.