HG configure questions

I have recently installed RPi Buster and HG ver 1.3 stable 5 and I notice that

  1. HG now opens with just the IP address and not with the :8080 at the end of IP like it did with Tuicemen install procedure, Is this something I should be concerned with?
  2. I would like to add Advanced smart lights to HG as I have the hgx file saved on my hard drive but when In to HG maintenance add package and click browse it does not respond. If any one has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Edjal

As I explained earlier this is a fresh installation of HG and the default port is port 80.

If you need to change this port to something else go to
HTTP Settings->Change Port and enter the port you require.

Your system should restart with the new port number which you will need to enter into the address bar along with your Raspberry Pi address.

Again this is a factory install and nothing to do with any other image you may have downloaded in the past. I mention this so as not to confuse HomeGenie Club users. This install is directly from the HG author’s own source.

Regarding Advanced Smartl Lights if you want to import the program go to
Configure->Programs->Lights. At the bottom right hand side of the screen select Actions->Import New Program and select Choose File and point the browser to the location of your file.

Most of these instructions are in the HomeGenie documentation. It really would be worth your while reading up on it.

No I don’t require another port I just wanted to make sure all was OK. I will leave as is then. My system starts ok by entering RPi IP address. No Problem.

Might be worth your while reading this too. I posted it a while back http://forums.x10.com/index.php?http://old.homegenie.club:8080/www.homegenie.it/forum/index.htmltopic=30578.0

Most of what you will need can be found by searching this forum or here


Thank You petediscrete I had Adv smart lights installed in my last HG and could not remember how .I researched a couple of hours for answer before I posted question. There is so much info out there in different forums it is sometimes very hard and time consuming to find the answer. I will take your advice and read info on links you provided

Those links I posted are the main sources for all things HG.