HG client side browser slow and not loading

Currently running HG r526 on a Winbook TW802 Tablet, Win 10 Pro. It has an Intel Atom quad at 1.33Ghz, 2G ram, 32G storage. Have a problem accessing HG from client machines. Both Google Chrome and IE 11 have been tried. HG will not load on the client unless cache is cleared. Sometimes takes two-three attempts to fully load. Have tried multiple clients. Full loading takes 1-2 minutes. Then will access pages in OK response times. If client is left “sitting” for a period of time, the browser will hang. Here are screen shots. Any ideas or tips to correct?

Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

IE 11

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Do you have IIS installed on the host machine?

I have seen this also and I tried chrome and Firefox along with IE.

No - should IIS be installed?

No, shouldn’t.
I thought this issue is similar to another issue Trouble running HG on Server 2016.

Thanks – I followed the Win Server 2016 thread as a point of reference. Here is what I have:

Winbook tablet
.net is version 4.7. I think this installed by default. I don’t recall installing.
A/V, firewall, monitor, is MS Windows Defender.
Snap shows what is installed. Not much.
All the files for HG are in \program files, which is not in the path of One Drive. One Drive can be a hog.
Homegenie is the only web service.
I use Win Remote Desktop Connector. I have found that if I am running RDC, Homegenie will not load at all on a separate client. However, if I load HG on the client first then both HG and RDC work.
Google Chrome takes 2 mins to load HG – CPU load jumps to 20-35%
IE 11 – takes about the same to half load – HG never fully loads. CPU load jumps to 20%

HP DL360 G5
I have a normally dormant HP DL360 G5 as a backup, with Win 10 Pro, dual quad processors and 16G Ram. I installed HG on this machine. The client browsers (separate machine) all fully loaded. Loading was still a little slow for MS Edge, IE 11, and Chrome. CPU load was 2% max for HG on the host. The host has .net 4.7, 3.5 and 2.0. Also, IIS is running for a MegaRAID card that pushes the port to another address.

The Winbook tablet is comparable to a RPi in terms of CPU and RAM. It connects via local WIFI vs the DL360 hardware 1G connection. Prior to installing HG on the Winbook, I ran Active Home Pro as a fat client with little trouble. One of the early problems I had with HG was not HG at all, but was Windows 10 updates. So, I am thinking that if I want to run HG on the Winbook a number of services will need to be turned off. Such as auto update, One Drive, and Windows Defender to start. Not sure what machine Naps1saps is running Win 2016 on, so cannot speak to his issue. The decade old DL360 appears to plow right through. However, it also consumes a pile of electrons. Not a long-term option. I’m not inclined to turn off services critical to Windows. That means the Winbook will be seeking a second life, maybe as a touch panel or just as intended, a tablet.

Mrs. Clause gave me a RPi kit. Going with Deb should be straight forward. Although, I am just getting started, Windows IoT looks interesting. Not sure why yet. Has anybody looked at running HG on Win IoT core?

I have it running on a NUC with a gen 5 i5 8GB RAM and a high spec SSD. I have similar issues under Win10 and can’t track down what the issues are because it is very intermittent. I think it just doesn’t play nice with the newer version of Windows as I had very little issue loading in Server 2008 which is basically Win 7.
How did the RPi turn out. Does it work a lot better?

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Using Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Stretch as a server and accessing remotely with Firefox on a Linux machine running Ubuntu 16.04. Homegenie pages loading fine.

I have temporarily walked away from trying to run a Home Automation program in Windows. Yes, the RPi 3B does well. It has much less overhead. Looking retrospectively, turning off One Drive and auto updates should have impact on intermittent lag. With the hardware you have it would be worthwhile to see what Win services can be cut out. I did find that Google Crome and Firefox on the client side responded better than MS Edge and IE. Bounz has released a new version V1.1.15. I have not tried it on Windows yet. Would be interesting to hear your results.

It would be a big help to determine exactly what system each user is running their HG install on. I imagine quite a few users are still using some form of Windows OS and from what I hear quite a few jumped in and upgraded to Windows 10. Personally from what I read a lot regret that decision now.

I’m a Linux user and have been from the start and particularly Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi. The single board solution wins hands down all the time. No issues with browser access and loading times are fine.

When I’m out and about I access the Raspberry Pi server on an Android tablet. Didn’t really bother with the HG App for various reasons but I imagine some did.

All in all I’ve no problems running HG on a Linux based system.