HG Beta testers required

For anyone interested a call has been put out for beta testers for a redesigned version of HG. I imagine the more testers volunteer from the start the more likely we are to get things right from the start.

I would also highly encourage as much positive feedback as possible. It appears Gene has pug in a lot of work to redesign and improve the UI. I assume there will be some work to fix any bugs that are located at that time so if there are issues people are seeing (either with the new UI or with function of HG in general), this might be a good opportunity to enhance visibility of the need.

Yes it’s understandable that some users may have a setup they are satisfied with and may not be inclined to partake in a beta test but participation will ensure continuation of the HG project.

I made this post with the older experienced HG users in mind that are still active here. Your invaluable input from the start has made HG what it is today.

There is a chance that even though Gene won’t likely fix anything in the Issues, he may accidentally fix some of them. The bug with the email app is most likely due to how leaving a field doesn’t always update the value behind the scenes. If he releases a new UI, it should fix that bug at least.

I’ve place my order for a RPi4 2GB that should be here soon. I’m thinking I’ll use it with the NR+Influxdb+Grafana setup. If it’s as powerful as I believe it to be, I see no reason why I couldn’t also have HG and rtl_433 on there as well. The only issue might be power since I already have 4 USB devices on the RPi3 as well as HG + rtl_433 + mosquitto. Adding 3 more apps that spike usage around the same time frame might cause peak power use to cause issues. I don’t think that will be the case since people use these for gaming and streaming devices now, but without testing I’m just thinking worst case.

Funny thing but the email issue was never an issue for me other than the situation where HG was using Mono from the Raspbian repos instead of the Mono project repository.

I’ve a feeling he will address the GPIO issue but of course if his development rig is an RP4 it won’t show up there as Enterprised proved with his project.

I can’t imagine fully loading software on your RPI4 would be an issue but the jury might be out on all four USB ports being in use at the same time. Besides the possible power issues I read somewhere that someone was experiencing hardware crashes with all four USB ports in use and it wasn’t power related. You won’t know till you try it of course. If I remember correctly the USB2 ports worked fine. It was the USB3 that were the issue. Different buses of course but as I said I can’t remember the exact details. Maybe the Pi people fixed this with a firmware upgrade.

For those so inclined, Gene has released an alpha version of HG. He’s calling this version 14.0 and it has some pretty major implications. If anyone here has the time and desire to improve HG now may be a good time to chime in. I will be unable to help due to prior commitments for the next few weeks, but I’m sure Gene would appreciate the feedback from a seasoned group of users with tons of experience to bring to the table!

Yes we need the alpha testing done by capable HG users. We can’t complain about the results if we don’t join in with our input.