Help with interconnections?

I currently have two HG servers setup in my city place not because I have a large setup but because one is accessible to the web hence security is enabled on it which stops the HGEchoBridge from working. Also one has an added board on the zeroW which allows a Zwave stick as well as my cm19 to be attached.
I’d love to forward status of my Zwave devices to the other Zero W which only has a Cm15 attached but not sure if this is possible. I notice HG does have a Status forwarding program and a few other goodies in the interconnections section. However I’m a bit stuck (puzzled) as to how and set this up. ::slight_smile: :’
Has anyone setup any of the interconnection programs?

Best to go the MQTT broker/client route.

Most of what you are looking for is here you really want to go the 1 to 1 connection here’s a sample setup

Thanks Petediscrete I had seen the documentation prior the old forum thread does shed some light as to why things weren’t showing up. I’ll play a bit more.
I guess I was hoping someone was using this with a more up to date HG version to confirm things work.
I’ll post back once I have tings working.

Ok have the events forwarding but it is looking like the MQTT broker/client route is the best route as you stated. The events forwarding is fine if you don’t wish to control the device from both locations. enabling forwarding from both servers creates a flood of the same modules listed.

I may just stick with and use the events forwarding for now and play with tweaking it.

Ok have it working so I can control devices from either PI. However Password protection can’t be used.:frowning_face::crazy_face::cry:

Have a read of this. It will give you a better understanding of credentials in the MQTT Client/Broker setup. You should be able to embed the credentials in the message

This is a very simplified example of how it can be done too

Thanks I’ll look into that,
However after playing with this most of the day I now have it working (sort of).
One HG server has no password protection this one has the interconnections enabled.
the other has password protection enabled. The Password protected HG sees device status changes immediately when switched from the none password protected HG. the non password protected HG sees status updated of the switch when switched from the password protected PC immediately too. However if switched from the Password protected HG the device status doesn’t always update. Sometimes( most times) a second toggle of the device will update the device to the proper status.
I can live with that for now.:grin:

For give my ignorance but why not just communicate directly with the password protected HG server.

see: Http request - password

eg set Alexa to send http://Username:Password@HGAddress:port/api/HomeAutomation.X10/A6/Control.Off
to switch off A6?

I wished to have two different HG instances taking to each other. Alexa control was just one of many reasons for doing this. The HG Echo Bridge gets disabled when HG is password protected. I perfer to use this over HA-Bridge as it seems to be more reliable for me for Alexa. Even if you could specify how EchoBridge talked to HG it is disabled.