Having x10 remote actually work for a while

Hi all,
After starting from scratch several times at one point I actually saw my x10 remote start the sc1200 alarm AND the hg 90 basic alarm. I saw the proper wording in the top right corner and the actions take place. Disarm also. The lights would also turn on and off from remote. Of course something went wrong ( memory space in /dev/root and I had to start over. I nerver saw it again, but it must work somehow. I have rasp 3b+ and am currently using HomeGenie Version v1.2-stable.37. It may have been the previous version that it worked with. It’s all maddenly tragic and fun at the same time. If I could only find the magic again I would be happy. Cm15a was connected at all times.

It might be worth posting this issue on the GitHub of the versions author, particularly as you had your setup working previously. Here’s the link for the GitHub https://github.com/genielabs/HomeGenie

That site is harder to use than setting up raspi Homegenie.

Just register with GitHub and open an issue on that GitHub. Just click on the Issue tab and explain your problem.

In the meantime, revert to the version of HG you found your X10 Remote last working in. You could of course post a copy of your current log and we could have a look to see if we can isolate the problem.

"2019-02-11 15:16:39.8989 Info HomeAutomation.EnergyMonitor	1	-	Program.UiRefresh	Energy Monitor data updated"							
"2019-02-11 15:16:40.0311 Info WebServiceGateway	HTTP	GET	200 /api/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/Config/Modules.Get/HomeAutomation.EnergyMonitor/1/ [OPEN]"							
"2019-02-11 15:16:40.0336 Info WebServiceGateway	HTTP	GET	200 /api/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/Config/Modules.Get/HomeAutomation.EnergyMonitor/1/ [CLOSED AFTER 0.002 seconds]"							
"2019-02-11 15:16:48.3135 Info WebServiceGateway	HTTP	GET	200 /api/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/Config/Interfaces.List/ [OPEN]"							
"2019-02-11 15:16:48.3159 Info WebServiceGateway	HTTP	GET	200 /api/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/Config/Interfaces.List/ [CLOSED AFTER 0.002 seconds]"							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.5624 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.5631 Debug RFCOM: 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
"2019-02-11 15:16:48.5635 Info HomeAutomation.X10	RF	X10 RF Receiver	Receiver.RawData	29 95 9A 06 F9 42 00"							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.5635 Debug Security Event Remote_ArmAway Address 17045							
"2019-02-11 15:16:48.5648 Info HomeAutomation.X10	S-REMOTE	X10 Security Remote	Sensor.Key	ArmAway"							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.6904 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.6907 Warn Ignoring repeated message within 150ms							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.8263 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.8267 Warn Ignoring repeated message within 150ms							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.9464 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:48.9467 Warn Ignoring repeated message within 150ms							
2019-02-11 15:16:49.0743 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:49.0747 Debug RFCOM: 5D-29-95-9A-06-F9-42-00							
"2019-02-11 15:16:49.0747 Info HomeAutomation.X10	RF	X10 RF Receiver	Receiver.RawData	29 95 9A 06 F9 42 00"							
2019-02-11 15:16:49.0747 Debug Security Event Remote_ArmAway Address 17045							
"2019-02-11 15:16:49.0758 Info HomeAutomation.X10	S-REMOTE	X10 Security Remote	Sensor.Key	ArmAway"							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.2103 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-86-79-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.2112 Debug RFCOM: 5D-29-95-9A-86-79-42-00							
"2019-02-11 15:16:57.2119 Info HomeAutomation.X10	RF	X10 RF Receiver	Receiver.RawData	29 95 9A 86 79 42 00"							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.2127 Debug Security Event Remote_Disarm Address 17045							
"2019-02-11 15:16:57.2143 Info HomeAutomation.X10	S-REMOTE	X10 Security Remote	Sensor.Key	Disarm"							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.3463 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-86-79-42-00							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.3466 Warn Ignoring repeated message within 150ms							
2019-02-11 15:16:57.4759 Debug 5D-29-95-9A-86-79-42-00

Not sure what this webservice gateway is. The address is to another laptop on my system.

Is your system arming when you press the arm key on the remote. The message is being sent as per your log file.

The X10 sc1200 system yes. The Homegenie 90 Alarm no.

Did you do a backup of HG when everything was working and use that to restore? If so you may be experiancing some x10 signal issues which need looking into.

Yeah, that would have been nice

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You have programmed a security keyfob (you called it a ‘security remote’ - is that a KR10A?) in HG to transmit security ARM & DISARM to the SC1200 thru the attached cm15???


How do you have the ‘security remote’ module set up?

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pjanits believes he once had that working but doesn’t have it now nor can they remember how it was done. A HG backup sure would have came in handy. However I believe from reading the OP they were refereeing to the actual keyflob and a physical key press and not a virtual HG module doing the triggering.
The only way I’ve found so far to trigger send my security console (ds7000) a arm/disarm from HG is with a Broadlink RM.
If @pjanits did indeed find away many would love to repeat it for their own setup ( me included)

No the keyfob arms the sc1200 directly. At one point it also armed the HG basic alarm at the same time. But I never could get it to do it again.
It a KR32a keyfob.

I guess my intention is to eliminate the x10 SC1200 console completely someday and use HG or some other security plan. I like the fact that my setup has no way for anyone to figure it out and thereby defeat it. Anything store bought would have to much info out there. If I can get HG to work the way I want I MAY be able to really customize it. I like X10 because it is RF and Power Line. Too bad the company is being so slow get get everything functional again.
I would like to control it with wi-fi as I have found the dial in part very lacking. X-10 wi-fi seems to only be for normal x-10 stuff and not security. I would also rather not replace my switches and sensors but be able to reuse them with a new system, hence HG.

Athinix (x10) does have a wi-fi security system in development, however I’ve not seen any additional info on it. The WM100 is strictly PLC and the security systems use RF so there is no chance that wi-fi module would work with current X10 security systems.

The only thing I use my security console for is the alarm sound I don’t have the dial out setup. HG sends me an email with pictures on an alarm trip condition as well I get notified which sensor tripped. Only my off grid place has a security console in operation. I do have one for my city place but it is never plugged in except for testing.

Yes it’s fine for an old outhouse or garden shed but I definitely wouldn’t entrust the security of my home to the SC panel with zero encryption built in.

Sensors are useful for HA scenes and automation triggers though.

Well the remotes are encrypted for sc1200. Anyone with a x10 remote cannot disarm the sc1200. I think it’s a pretty well thought out system. Too bad the company is such a mess. But so far it’s worked for me pretty well. My only complaint is if it’s triggered it’s hard to figure out why when you are away. I can be done but it’s kind of a pain to shut down the answering machine so you can dial in to the sc1200 directly. Every trigger I have had in the last 9 years was a battery dying in a sensor/switch or the heat moving a curtain that triggered a sensor. I like that it calls me and I can check the camera to see whats up. If it goes off at when at home, there’s plenty of time to load up the blunderbuss. It’s watching the barn, garage, camper, house. I would like some sort of interface to the cellphone that I could check things out, like maybe reset the alarm and delete the one switch that has the battery low when I am away. Even if someone came through that window the sensors would see them as they pass through the house/ garage/etc. I really don’t see any improvement from a commercial system.

Anyone that is going to care about what kind of security system you have will find a way to disable it, encryption or not.
If you simply use the scripts Gene provided with no RF signal in the script then yes any X10 keyflob security Remote will work but the intruder must know your using HG and X10.

@pjanits there are ways to reset the sc1200, ds7000 and other X10security systems with or with out HG over your phone via wi-fi. I can even do it via Alexa (if enabled) Luckily HG will allow you to remove a faulty sensor from you HG security however it won’t remove it from the console.

@Tuicemen if you think the SC range of panels is secure and reliable I doubt you’ll get much sympathy here. Yes X10 for switching on and off but that’s about it.

As I mentioned before HG is a much bigger picture when it comes to HA and the X10 SC panel wouldn’t be high on most HG users agenda. The world of home security has moved on leaps and bounds since the days of X10.

The Ademco security panel is well catered for in HG and there’s a ready made program written for it for anyone who wants to go the professional route. Some well written code by a seasoned HG user too.

Still I’m sure one or two of the new HG adopters have an SC panel in their setup that you could provide support for.

Im not promoting any security system over another. Many people use a simple alarm that hangs on a door knob and feel tthats all they need. The thread is about X10 and discussion of those consoles. If a user feels safe with what ever they’re using and I’m not going to attempt to tell them orher wise.
Sure I use X10 for security and even though I may not use a console at my primary resident I feel safe. But inreality no system is going to save you from a break in. If you wish to push the Ademco security panel use with HG start a new thread and show case it.